The "Magic"

I have run across instructions for making magnetically structured water:

From "Unusual Alternatives Newsletter"

Quote] A structured distiller water is one in which liquid crystal chains have formed.

You can induce some structure into your water by stirring it with a magnet for about 30 seconds, letting it stand for 6 minutes or more, then repeating the process. [End quote

Other reference refer to using crystals vortices and metaphysical imprinting.

Direct from Nature---or from the Laboratory...

Functional beverages exist because in a very limited number of locations in nature, unusual, functional waters have been discovered and determined to possess exceptionally different characteristics than "conventional" waters.

Some of these characteristics have proven to be beneficial for health purposes and have subsequently fostered substantial research and development efforts to duplicate such characteristics. In nature, the functional characteristics can be generally grouped into the following categories:

(1) Water which has been exposed to and contains naturally occurring electromagnetic effects

(2) Colloidal characteristics of dissolved or suspended materials which possess strongly charged surface chargeristics(e.g. Zeta Potential)

(3) Low surface tension

(4) Exceptionally strong bonding of naturally occurring gasses(oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.)

(5) The presence of vortexial water movements which assist in bonding gasses, colloidals and electromagnetic effects to the source water; and

(6) Unique "hexagonal clustering" characteristics which can be measured using conventional, accepted scientific instrumentation such as NMR.

(7) The presence of specific ionic materials which serve to "make" or "break" beneficially structured water clusters.

Well, I don't know much about all that but I have seen evidence that "power of intent" can be symbolized and stored in and by virtually any substance or form, or even held outside of space time, 'nonlocally' in no form at all.

Water is very often used in conjunction with primary motion forms and sacred geometry forms such as mineral crystals and pyramids...even drawn forms such as pentagrams and crosses.

In my opinion, many modalities such as Group and Individual Prayer, Reiki, Psychic and Hands On healing, Meditation with intent and many others, all work on this principle.

..even the Evangelists' prayer cloth...

The results are perceivable and provable..but not entirely reliable as they must work in conjunction with the receivers deepest desires and beliefs as well.

No "miracle" will ever be "imposed" against ones will.

The power of will can be voluntarily suspended and another take charge so long as that suspension is in force, but effects are generally as temporary as the suspension of that will.

Such could also account for the failure and variations in response to established medical practices and procedures as well as surprising successes..

So often, the receiver has denied to awareness what those true desires are and has well succeeded. [No "judgment" intended or possible. The "way" does not distinguish between opinions of right and wrong.]

OK, so what's the point here?

A toroid, 'doughnut shape' is a 3D pre-form of the highest order, capable of storing memory, hence intent.

If you drop a drop of dye in still water, it forms a toroid.

If you rotate the container one way, the toroid disinitigrates and disperses into the water in apparent chaos.

THEN, if you REVERSE the rotation of the container, the chaos reverts back into the original toroid.

To me, this is proof that the water has remembered the form placed into it.

The 'Thermal Updraft' water stirrers used by the Silverpuppy generators create a toroid in the water. Fact.

The 'Magnetically Coupled ' Stirrers induce both a vortex and stir the water with a very strong magnetic field. Fact.

Does this "structure" the water?

I don't know. The toroid effect points that way.

If you want a real stretch:

The length of the electrodes is 7 inches, a "sacred" number. [by 12 gauge..another sacred number]

The number "7" is a primary sacred number and the two electrodes energetically exchanging ions could symbolize dynamic communication between spiritual entities.

..a few examples...

Tikal has a very present and overwhelming power. Each area, each plaza, emulates it own version of this power. Out side of the energy of the grand main Plaza is in the Plaza of the 7 Sacred Temples. It is here I can feel the heart of Tikal laced with many questions. Located south of the Main Plaza, the Plaza of the 7 Sacred Temples reminds us of a home we never knew, a heart we have forgotten. A huge Copal tree grows from the center mound/temple of the sacred 7 temples. It roots twisting around the ancient stone. A sense of peace resides in their plaza. It is a place of odd familiarity a top a sea of green grass covered by dense jungle canopy. A spider monkey jumps from tree to tree as the breeze tickles the tree tops. This Plaza feels like no other place in Tikal.

Chakra Seven:
Thought, Universal identity, oriented to self-knowledge
This is the crown chakra that relates to consciousness as pure awareness. It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to a timeless, spaceless place of all-knowing. When developed, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual 'connection', and bliss.

* Samson's seven locks of consecration. (Judges 16:13-19)
* The seven pillars of wisdom's house. (Proverbs 9:1)
* The sevenfold sign of total commitment and dependence (2 Chron. 29: 20-21)
* The seven lambs to attest the conclusion of a peace treaty. (Genesis 21:28-30)
* The seven fold sprinkling of blood before cleansing was complete. (Lev:16:19)
* The seven week count to Pentecost, the seven year count to the sabbatical year and the seven times seven year count to the Jubilee year. (Lev. 23:15, Lev.25:1-9)
* The seven candlesticks, seven churches, seven stars, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven thunders, and seven plagues mentioned in the book of Revelation etc

The possibility: [anything is possible]

Applying the power of intent to the Colloidal Silver making process using magnetics, vortices and toroidal primary forms may well instill that dynamic structure created by the stirrers with a memory of that intent that can be transferred and transported to the end user and survive as a memory in the water after the dynamic form has dissipated.

I've heard of people storing water and CS on note cards with that intent and purpose written on them. [Labels? "Water contains silver and ____"]

Was any of this "planned"?

No way!

I didn't even "plan" to make or distribute colloidal silver all just fell together like an accident.

[possibly because my 'intent' has always been one of helping and virtually every weird experience has centered around defining what "help" really is and how it really works.]

Even the interest in the field fomented from a chance overheard conversation that stuck for several years till other elements fell into place with previously acquired abilities and contexts.

I have seen many impossible things happen and not a single one was "planned"...but every single one "fit".

"Fit", as in accordance with the primary philosophy, "I always succeed, I just rarely know what I'm really doing."

...and, " That which I don't know can happen, therefore "plan", exceeds the limits of my own imagination."


In conclusion:

So people..."plug n' play"..and pray. [or use whatever modality you wish to use, hold and project an intent. They're all equally effective. "Pray" rhymes with play and sounded good, that's all]

..above all, don't forget to remember to "play"

Stick THAT in the silver water! ;-)

Ken [aka Ode Wan Coyote]