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Unsolicited Testimonials

Check out the toenail fungus page..this is for real with before and after photos

Click here to see Thermal Stirring in action.

So, what exactly IS "Electrically Isolated Silver" [EIS] CS??

The Process

FAQ..more process stuff

Stirring Methods

The "Magic"


DR Clark

Hydrogen Peroxide



Making Gel


Colloidal Science Lab [Frank Key] AA spectrophotometer returned a "Plug n' Play" PPM of 11.29 at 85.7% ionic and I have no 'good' reason to doubt it.

Even with "Worst Case" total neglect...makes very nice Colloidal Silver [Pay a little attention and the difference can be dramatic]

87% Ionic

[single atom minus an electron at 0.000252 microns] http://www.webelements.com/webelements/elements/text/Ag/radii.html

14.3% Particle portion:

54% @ 55.65nm or .0565 microns

45%@ 132.9 nm or .1329 microns

Particle Size Plot PDF
The generator will make CS up to 20 PPM and over with additional procedures. [Like...Flick a switch?]

READ THIS about PPM etc. [Why the gobbledy gook instead of mere "claims"]

Info about TDS/PPM meters

When you see something like this and a claim of "Average particle size 0.0008 microns (0.8 nm)", what that is, is Ions oxidized by drying so a TEM can take a picture.

Those "particles" were never in the water and were MADE by removing the water. [...making Ions bigger so they can be claimed to be smaller]


A Silver Ion is a single atom minus an electron at 0.000252 microns in diameter and 85% to 97% of the Silver in Collidal Silver Water will be as IONS.


Pretty diverse site here...minerals, herbal stuff and a huge link exchange...well, you name it .


[Silver ion Washing machine] http://www.samsung.com/silvercare/index.htm

Silver nanoparticles in the news http://www.physorg.com/news63004522.html

LINKS: [and my comments]
Or search: colloidal+silver for about 3 million results

Negatives first

Examine at all the pages and note discrepancies in terminology. Follow the links and read carefully. The lady with argyria most likely was not using modern process "electro" colloidal silver. This story is also linked from the FDA website which links to toxicology studies as well, that places colloidal silver in a fairly harmless category. Carefully reading all these reports 'in context' tends to disprove the claims made by the only blue person out of hundreds of thousands of regular home made CS users that can be found.

There is 'one' other person I have found who turned a 'little' blue by using badly overdone home made CS for several years.

Stan Jones was a political candidate who aquired media attention for his slight skin hue..complete with sensationalized doctored photos.

[Agaria reports from EPA. The ONLY mention of "COLLOIDAL" silver is in the title. ALL other references to silver causing argyria specify a chemical silver compound. Elecro colloidal silver is not a chemical compound. No mention of the TYPE OR PROCESS of colloid is mentioned in any of the gov't studies that I have found. Apparently and according to 'them', ground up silver dust suspended in water or huge doses of chemical compounds apparently qualify as properly made and used colloidal silver.

Did I say HUGE doses? Is an elephant just big?

Good source for info http://www.silverfacts.com


http://www.silvermedicine.org The most recent, most definitive colloidal silver information site I've found yet. [Takes a while to load but worth the wait...Netscape browser doesn't work all the time, use IExplorer]

http://www.silvermedicine.org/products.html Features Coyote Zenterprizes [Silverpuppy] and Silvergen SG7 Pro generators...totally unsolicited commentary...but also WAY out of date and not quite accurate



Various generators , promotional hype and products.


Hint: If there are no specifications published for a generator, it probably doesn't have any to publish.

If there is anything 'special', you can bet it'll be hailed on high.

Voltage limitation or control for a battery powered generator means NOTHING.

No battery will exceed its rated output voltage and a good battery will not drop in voltage within its max current output specifications. A battery, by it's design, is a constant voltage device. If it isn't, it's a lousy battery.

"Current limiting" and "current controlling" are similar but different things.

"Current limits" can be accomplished via a light bulb or other resistive element and does nothing more than cap the upper limits of current output if it shorts out so the generator won't catch fire. You can limit the max current and accomplish the same thing as current control....but it also upsets the voltage in order to accomplish the limit if that limit is as low as it needs to be. 20 to 40 millamps [the average used by most] is way too high to be a useful limit that has anything to do with the making of small particle colloidal silver of any real PPM.

"Current control" keeps the current at a set value after the current set point is reached no matter what. That set point can be mere microamps without upsetting initial voltage levels. It not only provides absolute short circuit protection but also very closely regulates the rate of ion production.

Current control works by lowering voltage as conductivity increases via a feedback circuit to keep current totally consant and unvarying. This voltage can be constantly monitored via a voltage comparator chip keying calibrations directly to conductivity like a meter.

Even if the electrodes are directly shorted out, a current controlled generator will not exceed that set current output and it cannot be harmed in any way.


The CS-300 model D [now $149 as of 1\04]
"It has been discovered that if the electrical reaction in the water is slowed down, the colloidal silver
particles that are produced are SMALLER." [ I'll agree. That's why the Silverpuppy unit is currrent controlled. The product almost never turns yellow at any reasonable PPM.]

"THE WATER is still the most important ingredient. To make sure that the distilled water you are using is adequate, you must make a batch with the water at room temperature. As viewed with a flashlight, you must be able to see the yellow, smoky cloud of particles in the water at the end of the batch making process. If the water you are using does not allow you to make the yellow particles, you first must find a water that will BEFORE going on to step 2."

"Nine times out of ten, this product will not remain clear after it cools. Depending on a number of factors, it will turn color from a transparent yellow, to golden yellow, to coppery orange, to rose pink. Any of these colors, or remaining clear, is perfectly fine."

If you see a yellow mist...that thing is running away. 'How far' is the only question left.

No current controls . Constant voltage unit. Go buy some batteries a resistor and silver wire.

Yellow is on the low end of OK and getting better as it goes towards 'pale' yellow.

Any other color..toss it.
Pink Colloidal Silver..ON PURPOSE??????!!!!

Rose Pink??!! NO WAY! It's not fine at all. [gak!] Drain filler!

Sophisticated Electronic Circuitry [show me ?]

Automatic controls hold proper conditions on the electrodes with any
input voltage from 6-14 volts DC.

[I see no indication that this generator controls current or anything else. The statement above could mean that there is some sort of over voltage limiter. A 5 cent zener diode or 2 cent resistor would do. Voltage tripler could be cool but wasteful of batteries. What "proper conditions" does one use to make pink colloidal silver?]

The "new" CS 300d selling for $149
[This might be a current/voltage regulated unit. I saw no mention of what the regulation specs were. It might have a voltage tripler circuit that allows operation on one battery vs three which is pretty neat...if true. It's also possible that the slow ion production rate was accomplished simply by running the generator at 9 volts. I didn't see where it had an automatic shutoff function referenced to conductivity conditions in the suspension.... no indication of current controls. ["The CS-300 will now make premium, ultrafine yellow solutions, bringing our particle size into the range considered optimal (0.005 - 0.015 microns in diameter." ]

Somehow, I doubt that particle size claim.
If the unit doesn't shut itself down and you forget, it'll make a fuzzy brown mess out of the 'run'.
The Silverpuppy Generator has it all ...power supply included...no batteries needed, but you can use batteries if you want]


The CS-300s are probably the worst deal for the dollar you can get. It does everything a battery does and nothing else except cost ten+ times more.

Using electronics to eliminate 2 batteries takes more power than using 2 more batteries. No savings there.

...but I see they don't advertise "pink CS" any more.

Besides green, pink is probably the worst CS possible.


http://www.naturesalternatives.com/silver/colloidal.html Basic primitive 'battery pack' type for $50.00
[ Constant voltage/variable current "regulation" via a resistive element such as an incandescent light bulb . As CS concentration increases, so does the current output and particle size. The resistive element limits maximum current so it won't catch fire if it shorts out and that's all.

It 'can' ...act... as a variable resistor controlling current 'in a way', but if the current is regulated low enough to be useful for that purpose, the initial voltage will also be much lower which sort of acts against the intent of using that setup. Watch it closely. It'll make a mess of the process quite quickly if you don't. CS product quality is probably quite variable and questionable]

Price reduced to $45 with free shipping.

Probably isn't too bad a price considering all the time it'll take you to search down parts and assemble something like it for $10 to $20.

You can make decent CS with a battery pack if you pay very close attention and don't try to go too strong. Using constant stirring helps even this type generator a great deal. With the addition of a variable resistor and a multimeter, such a generator can make very good and consistant CS...by paying constant attention.

I know of no way to make excellent CS fast except by very sophisticated High Voltage [but generally deadly dangerous to use] systems or by drastically scaling up Low Voltage systems. Scaling up LV systems is not a linear thing and takes a lot of work to get it right. [See the new sg7pro at http://www.silvergen.com/.]



A seller of CS. 4oz at $26.25



Looks like Vince at wishgranted.com has another website

Selling model 777 here ...good generator by most accounts [see below]

http://www.sotainstruments.com/csg/ [$108]

Do check out these folks. many interesting devices.

They now sell a current control 'adapter' for $10.

" The Silver Maker"

"Unique Features:

A unique circuit design allows The Silver Maker to operate from a single 9 Volt alkaline
battery. Our state-of-the-art electronic design utilizes a proprietary DC-DC converter which
boosts the output of the 9 Volt battery to the 27 Volts DC required by The Silver Maker.
Constant-Voltage Output - Unique circuitry maintains the required 27 Volts output
regardless of battery voltage or other input power (like from an AC-DC Wall adapter,
Automobile Battery, or Solar Panel). Thus, as the battery runs down or if the input voltage
fluctuates, the output will remain at 27 Volts. No other unit using either 3 x 9 Volt
batteries or voltage triplers can offer this very important feature. "

This generator definitely has a cool chip which makes for many power supply options, however, it is no better that a "3 nines" generator in operation as it works the same way. Has over current protection to prevent the unit from burning up and voltage regulation to keep voltage constant but No current controls. Keeping the voltage output constant is less than important, having nothing at all to with 'controlling' ion production rates and ,in fact, will ensure that those rates stay at the maximum that the 20 ma overcurrent limiter will allow. Any battery is, by it's nature, a constant voltage device.

"A Red LED Light is used to indicate the Ionic-Colloidal Silver production. If the water is too conductive, the Red LED Light will come on. If the ionic-colloidal silver production is OK, then the Red LED Light remains off. As a battery test, if the Red LED Light does not come on when the Silver Wires are touched together, it's time to get a fresh battery." [Interesting...seems confusing and maybe contradictory ...not sure how useful. Sounds like they went to a lot of trouble to do something wrong in a right way. Basic concept and understanding of CS making is flawed from the start. Efforts to save a flawed process with bandaid gizmos? Looks like a possible current comparator is being used to light up an LED if the thing runs away too much...well, better than nothing.

I can't say I know how to do that...or why I should find out.

Sorry guys, you have a car at full throttle with no steering wheel that relies on bumpers for directions.

At least it has bumpers.

2009 [I think SOTA may have straightened out some kinks..check em out]


Robey Home Generators

http://www.pe.net/~abilene/colloidal.htm [$179.00]

Deluxe model Mark II Factory Direct Price $179.00

"We make the finest Colloidal Silver Generators on the market today. Solid state electronic components give you the exact degree of concentrations you need and shut off automatically when your colloidal silver is ready. No guess work, no need to remember what time to shut off the unit, no bulky alligator clips or wires to lose. It's all one unit. Add water, plug in, set dial and press the start button."

Nice package. Though it doesn't say there are current controls, the "Automatic shut off" indicates their presence but it could also be a timer. Timers are 'OK'..sort of.. IF you know what you started with. [ Maybe another current monitor?]

If a timer is being used and all variables are being addressed, the "No guesswork" should read "Less guesswork" , or really, "make a wild guess".

PPM dials are a bit less than accurate especially if there are no provisions for uniform ion distribution in the water...ie..." stirring" even if it is linked to current control. If it is a timer, many variables such as initial water quality and temperature will throw PPM linked to process time off...sometimes WAY off. [accuracy +/- 20 maybe 30 or so PPM?]

Some generator designers attempt to address those variables by supplying a conductivity meter and instructing you on how to adjust the intitial conductivity of the water. Even then you are timing to an almost verticle current rise [milliamps per second per second slope] and seconds count a great deal.

Couldn't possibly be accurate without current controls. No system of timing is the least bit accurate unless you know what have and where you started. Constant voltage ion propagation is similar to exponential and it could take a long time to get started even a little, or no time at all to run away...depending on the water. PPM per minute? NO WAY... forget it. [It's more like PPM per minute per minute like a formula for gravitational acceleration where voltage is the gravity constant]

Constant current ion propagation is linear, so, if you know where you are at any given time, you can time a batch accurately from there. But you still have to find out where the timing started from. If there is a feedback based auto off or other sort of indicator, it will tell you. A meter works too...and in the same way.

Constantly monitering current could do it but still enables runaway and high current density at the electrodes which makes bigger particles the higher it gets and limits one to low PPM CS if small particles ..or any particles at all..are desired. [3 to 5 PPM]

No constant voltage generator will be even close to accurate or repeatable unless EVERYTHING else is repeated. Good luck with that.

Even with auto shutoff linked to current control via a voltage sensing device... water temperature, deposits on electrodes and insufficient water circulation can throw calibration off a bit.

But Any "Auto off" feature is a useful item.


"Our Mark I portable Colloidal Silver Generator.Factory Direct Price $99.00

"Now you can take your generator anywhere in the universe. Uses three batteries to operate. Makes the same quality colloidal silver as the Mark II, but . Great for trips, emergencies and survival gear. "

No indication that this generator is of the same quality or function type as the Mark II. Details are a bit lacking. "does not require electricity" Nice way to 'not say' you need to buy batteries.

There used to be a merchants directory at http://colloidal-silver.com/ that was very useful to the consumer. Robey has usurped the entire website. So much for free information.

Back then, http://colloidal-silver.com/ offered to make a free and unprejudiced evaluation of any generator submitted and publish the results on that page. Well. I submitted one, never heard back from them and the merchants directory page vanished. There was no indication that the website was owned and run by Robey at that time.

The only generator they ever published an evaluation for was their 'own' generator.

http://www.silveredgehealth.com/ I can't even comment on all the hooey, and over priced generators that can't do even what the vague claims made on this mass mailing 'salesmans' site imply . Web copy has numerous errors in logic and definitions of terms. I don't think this person knows anything at all about the generators he re-distributes. Contact was less than enlightening. [I think this S.B. guy might be purposefully "Phishing for Phools" with his B.S.]

The two [other than mine] best generators I have yet to find.


A good site with apparently a good controlled DCcurrent generator with auto shutoff, lots of info and links. [...minor things I don't care for.]

Check out the new SG6 generator!! It has a stirring motor to insure good hydration of the silver ions which makes for a more stable , smaller particle CS. $199

See the new SG7pro [pricey, but most likely worth every penny for someone that needs that much CS]

But......[This is an old quote from that website]
"If the particles are as small as can be made and also colloidal, the water will be colored
golden yellow and will also show the Tyndall effect. If they are larger, the water color will
shift toward red. Still larger particles are green and blue ones are the largest. If the water
is clear, there will usually be such a low concentration of silver in the water, it could be
considered homeopathic in strength. The proper color for colloidal silver water is golden
or yellow. That is the only way to know you have colloidal silver water. Make it yourself
and then you will know and see what we mean! The proof is in the color. " [I disagree! Long term storage of the yellow type CS has resulted in the yellow color depositing on the container with little appreciable change in the potency of the ionic portion [as measured by conductance meter]...which turned clear. [photo]

Very gentle stirring, either mechanical or by thermal convection means does seem to greatly reduce deposits of all sorts. In fact, a stronger , clear, more stable CS can be produced in conjunction with gentle stirring which properly hydrates the silver ions into solution as they are discharged.

Trem at silvergen has changed his tune a bit concerning the proper color for the very best CS.

He now goes for 'clear' and has found a way to accomplish it. [Pale yellow is still a good colloid but clear is preferable]

"We are pleased to announce our automatic model SG6 Auto is now available. This
generator has a built in stirring motor and will make the smallest particle size possible
without agglomeration. Agglomeration is what causes color shift to yellow if you use
distilled water to make your colloidal silver. The best colloidal silver is clear with no
color. This generator makes colloidal silver which is clear and is without color, yet it
can be made as strong as 25 PPM.
[Trem originated the PWT x 1.2 method]

Only ? $199 + &9.95 S+H

The colloidal silver made with this generator has a
very weak Tyndall effect also. Tyndall effect allows you to see the particles in water.
Weak Tyndall effect indicates smaller particles. Strong Tyndall effect indicates larger
particles. See the colloidal silver pictures page for more information."
[Not necessarily. Weak Tyndal indicates a high ion to colloid ratio and agglomeration in storage will usually convert some of the ionic silver to colloidal silver particles which do later show up in a Tyndal test. A strong bright TE 'may' indicate larger particles but color is a more positive indicator...but not infallable. If you have a colored CS AND a bright TE, you definitely have a lot of larger particles. A bright TE and no color just means a lot of small particles.

Further, TE 'quality' can include visible variations with the same brightness. It can appear grainy [fewer and larger particles], fuzzy with indisinct boundaries [many many very small particles] and fuzzy and grainy at the same time.

The trick is to properly hydrate the ionic silver so it will not form the larger yellow particles. Mechanical stirring allows for faster ion production rates over thermal stirring with pretty much the same results. [But it's not very hard to 'over stir' and make other strange things.] With a very efficient thermal updraft device, the stir effect is very close to the mechanical method without the moving parts subject to corrosion in that wet environment. The Silverpuppy heater puts that spot of heat where it does the most good and looks really cool too. In fact, with the nearly optical round shape of the beaker and the light emmiting from the bottom, it's like watching the process under an extremly powerful magnifying glass [or weak microscope].

I used to make a mechanical stir model with variable stir rate. It worked quite nicely, but it was very difficult to convey how to operate it at optimum and the motors tended to seize in that wet environment over time. I came to prefer 'no moving parts' and discontinued that model. [seen here as modified for iontophorisis]

..and then I figured out how to make them so the motors don't get close to the water or turn too fast

All in all...

Good job Trem!

Top Contender!! [And a good guy too]


A very informative site. Good generator

3/18/2000 Wishgranted has a new model 777 on special for $144. A very good generator from most accounts. The probes are only 30 gauge or .012 inches [.5" x 6", compared to 12 gauge x 3.5" wire at .081"] It's probably about the same amount of silver. Wishgranted says that flat ribbon has more surface area and works better. But, Flat ribbon has more sharp edge for less uniform electrical discharge whereas wire tends to discharge more ions at the tips [wires only sharp edge]. The only 'real' disadvantages I see to using thin flat ribbon is that it's very delicate, easy to mangle, difficult to make interchangeable or replaceable, difficult to clean without distortion and difficult to maintain an optimal distance between probes. [I tried that first and went with more manageable 12 gauge wire...the biggest wire available]

Uniform or at least repeatable distance is very important to the accuracy of voltage referenced auto off sensing and production rates. I didn't see how he managed to keep that distance uniform.

I think he's using reversing current now too and claims it makes stirring unnecessary. Well, maybe.

Lately, I've been experimenting with the polartiy swapping system. [2004]

It does keep the electrodes clean and it does do 'some' stirring.

. The faster the frequency, the more particles seem to be produced and the lower the ionic content which might make any previous electronically linked PPM calibrations useless. [new calibrations are in order?]

If frequency is too slow, both electrodes sludge up.

Polarity swapping shows some promise if done just right.

Color does not tend to develop even at high concentrations.

Does color always mean larger particle sizes? [maybe not always]

In general, I'm impressed! Great job ,Vince

Frank Key [http://www.silver-colloids.com/] [http://www.purestcolloids.com/] makes what is claimed to be extremely small particle " Meso" CS and it has a brownish color. "How" he makes that CS is a big secret but he does have the lab and expertise to tell what's what and I believe him to be an honest person.

Frankly, if I were to actually 'buy' colloidal silver Frank would be the one I'd get it from. [pun intended] Not a bad price either!


Recently, I just have to add one to the top 3. [No longer available, but might be again some day]


The SmartSilver Jr 2 is a very nice generator at $129.95

AC operation like the Wishgranted 777

Both AC and DC operation have their upsides and downsides.

Lots of electrode. [Bolts holding them on are little longer than they could be, so don't fill up the jar too much.....no big deal]

Current controlled to about 3 milliamps /auto off [Auto off can't be exceeded but pretty much 'on the money' at its 10 PPM limit. Part of that is the one batch size limitation.]

I don't believe ANY particle size claim that comes from an electron microscope. [TEM] If this stuff we make were paint...sure, no problem.

It's not paint [More on that later, probably on the "PPM" page .]

Cool flashing LED flash count dohickie to tell how far into the process you are.

Quart size batches only. Nice heavy jar supplied, don't break it, it's not a common jar. Big wide opening is very hard to pour out of. [minor stuff]

I find screwing the generator to the top of the jar to be a pain in the rear. [Both silvergen and colloidaltech generators do it that way...minor stuff]

Nicely made Optional magnetically coupled stirrer for $69.95 [Stirs way too fast on its slowest setting to suit me.Works much better using my slower stirrer. That was the only way I could get it to stop making scads of 'sparklies'. Thermal stir with funnel does nicely too. No stir, straight thermal stir and fast stir, not as nice but still good enough to stay in the top of the class.]

That's right. I was so curious that I went and got one to play with just to see if it's anything like the whoop and holler.

Well, it is pretty darned close.

I'd sure like to say you could go wrong with it. >;-)

[Hear that Fred?]


Who I would NOT buy CS from.

"ASAP colloidal silver products are different than other colloidal silver products on the market due to its patented manufacturing process which yields roughly 96% elemental silver particles versus a high percentage of ionic silver particles (where one or two electrons have been stripped off of the silver atom) typically found in colloidal silver products. This makes for a superior product!"

Hate to say it but the above statement sounds like a bald faced lie in the face of the real facts. Maybe they just got the ad copy exactly backards and didn't notice?..for years.

Independent analysis of ASAP Silver Solution shows to to be 96% ionic just like what you'd make at home. They also refer to various patents. All such references are out of context to make you believe they have something special. They no longer publish the patent numbers so you can see for yourself how irrelevent they are or reveal the fact that they just bought several off the shelf generators, hooked them up together and added a motorized stirrer and called it a "new process" , applied for and got a patent on the "design" that has nothing to do with a new process or different result.

Robey has done much the same thing by attempting to patent a textbook polarity swapping circuit as a part of something they are working on which may or may not do what they think it will. [no sign of an actual product yet....it doesn't have to actually work in order to get a patent]

ASAP is produced by American Biotech and owned by Clifton Mining. [Silver mines] On the bright side, they may be making some inroads to the mainstream. This can only help to promote the acceptance of colloidal silver..unless, of course, it is discovered how deceptive they have been in getting there.

The CS itself cannot be patented [as implied] unless it is different.... and it's not different.


Some people use confusing language to imply that thier particles are really small without clearly saying they are actually decribing ions..which ARE really small.

And a TEM is simply the wrong tool to measure "this" sort of particle.

"Smallest particle size ever" and "Completely Transformed elemental silver, free ions of 46 electron silver that release the maximum energy of colloidal particles"


Both are statements written on the same page 'implying' that the CS consists of small particles but 'saying' ions.[In a way, an ion is a particle but the minor difference is being used to confuse]

TEM photos are an utter deception...those particles were never in the water.

Independendent lab shows that they are indeed mostly ions. What "particle" content there is [about 1/2 a PPM in a 10 PPM sample] IS pretty darned small particles. http://www.silver-colloids.com/Reports/cpr03/cpr_03.html

Pretty good stuff... but not all that "special".

However you wannadoit...

Make your own.