There it is! Totally nasty!

But it really is going away! I've tried sanding the nail down to nearly nothing with a Dremel rotory tool and spraying with antifungucide and all sorts of other stuff like teatree oil.

Like it says on the tube, "Does not work on toe nail fungus..there is currently no known topical or over the countertreatment for this condition. See your doctor."

I've tried all sorts of things and nothing worked...until....

I started swishing 1 tablespoon of colloidal silver made in my Coyote Zenterprizes colloidal silver generator around in my mouth and swallowing, twice a day. The lower photo is the result after about 9 months of that regimen.

I have noticed ZERO side effects..unlike the treatment the Doc gives you that costs around $1,000 and may make you feel like you're "gonna die" [actual quote from a survivor ofthe $1,000 treatment..and he still has the fungus too]

Did colloidal silver do this amazing feat on my feet? Well, it's the only thing I did differently and the only thing that made any change at all. So, it's either colloidal silver or just a simple spontaneous miracle healing.

You be the judge. Personally, I'm convinced.

For more info, see:

Update 1/03

Toenail fungus is a real toughy. It's still a whole lot better than it 200% better than the mess in the photo but has turned a sort of brownish color. [At least it 'looks' like a nail.]

Apparently colloidal silver doesn't do much in a solid waterproof structure. It will inhibit the fungus growth by making isolated closely packed areas where it has deposited so the fungus has to grow around a lot of barriers but doesn't actually kill it off completely.

If the nail can grow faster that the inhibited fungus, then it might go away, but so far, things are holding at standoff.

Positive point is that there is no sign of fungus wherever there is a blood more reddness or irritation or anything in the skin.

It might work better for you than it has for me as I have really thick slow growing nails anyway. I can gap spark plugs and turn screws with my fingernails and the big toe nails are even beefier.

At one time, I did get a small amount of cross infection in an adjoining smaller thinner nail. [ See the white spot on the next nail over in the 11/99 pic?] THAT is completely gone.

The docs $1000 toxic remedy probably isn't any better.