I would like to thank you for providing such an inexpensive machine that obviously creates high quality colloidal silver. I say high quality because I assume it must be high quality because it absolutely cured me of Hep C (I believe). I took 8 ounces twice a day for 6 mos. because that's what I gathered from internet research as an aggressive regimen. There were 3 or 4 bouts of the herzheimer's effect (spelling probably wrong). But that was a tiny inconvenience compared to the discomfort of the chemotherapy side effects of traditional treatments I experienced. I know how careful you have to be about saying colloidal silver cures anything because of the corporate fascist protectors and enforcment arms of the pharmaceutical industry which are supposed to protect the public interest but have been well bribed by the pharmaceutical lobbies into protecting drug company profits (FDA, FTC). Their interest is not in curing disease, but of managing it for the rest of your life so they can bilk you out of as much money as possible (no cures for disease since polio..think about it. The pharmaceutical industries got together after that and conspired to cure no more diseases because of it's limited profit potential. Much more profitable to treat, not cure). So I'll put it like this. I had hep C for 15 years with many millions of copies per ml of blood. After 6 mos. of previously mentioned dosage I didn't have any copies of the virus detectable in my blood any more. Draw your own conclusions. Sincerely R.F. (using initials due to fear of the fascists).

Ken, I just wanted to let you know the silver puppy with mag-stir that I just got does a great job and most importantly it is exactly as you represented it. My only problem was my first attempt gave me problems because unknown to me the distilled water I got from CVS Pharmacy was bad. Thanks to your enclosed comments and instructions I didn't waste much time but being my very first batch it really had me wondering. A new gallon from K-Mart, on sale 4 for $2, made all the difference in the world. I thank you, my wife thanks you, and my dogs will give you a "paws up". If you are curious visit my website at www.shenanigansharpei.com and you'll see my passion is breeding and showing Chinese Shar-Pei and the colloidal silver will get used a lot for all of us. Thanks again, Michael

I ordered your silver puppy about a month ago and I have had some amazing results so far firstly my son who has always had a low immune system acquired strep throat a few weeks ago it was all white and pussy my wife told me to make an appointment with a doctor to get him some antibiotics. I thought I had nothing to lose so I had him gargle with the solution then swallow it, well his throat began to feel a little better afterwards I had him gargle with it again two or three more times the next day his throat was better and he went to school the next day, he still had a cough but his strep was gone. (I did not accually have a strep test run but I have seen strep before and I would have bet money that he had strep) any ways my son also gets hives really bad and yesterday a hive broke out on his hand which usually puts him out of commission for 2 to 3 days I put some silver from the silver puppy on his hand and checked back abour 2 hours later and the hive was completely gone, with no reoccurrence. I myself have fought canker sores all my life I bit my lip about 2 days ago and then gargled with silver from your machine 2 times per day the canker sore went completely away first time in my life this has happened any way I have a question about colloidal Gold do you know how to make this can you make it with a generator? a response would be appreciated [nope]

Thank You Dan M


The little Silver Puppy generator arrived on December 19th and is hard at work daily churning out the easiest homemade CS ever! I'm using a pint jar together with the Inverted Funnel for best results, usually taking about 2 hours on auto and another half an hour in manual mode. The water remains clear and the Tyndall Effect is very visible when a laser pointer is directed through the fluid.

Our family of eight is all using CS for health prevention. We began using CS a month or so ago before getting our Silver Puppy, buying it locally from the health food store for $26 a pint. I estimate that if my Silver Puppy produces 500 pints of CS, I'll have saved over $13,000 dollars! Wahoo!!! It's so great to just make our own now for under .40 cents and jar!

Ken, just a couple of days ago I was using a screw driver to replace door hinges. I had to do a lot of manual hand wrenching which resulted in quite a nasty blisted on the center of my palm. It was forming a bubble on the blister. I applied a generous amount of CS and let it sit in my palm. I also massaged it into the blister. It immediately brought relief and the swelling went down. By next morning there was no sign of blistering! Unbelievable but true!! Two days later now and the skin is only a slightly pale brownish color compared to the surrounding skin. Normally when I blister, it swells up, fluid builds up under the skin and is very sensitive to touch. Within a day or two the blister will inevitably pop and become quite sore, taking several more days to heal. BUT CS brought immediate relief to an otherwise painful blister and promoted fast healing. This little silver puppy is worth it's weight in gold! I've also been spraying the CS around the toilet and other areas in the home. Odors that often linger, even after cleaning with heavy duty chemicals, disappear within minutes of spraying with CS. It's very effective at killing the germs that cause odors. We love it, especially with all the pets we have in our home. I take it orally and externally in the morning and night. Several people at work have come down with the nastiest colds. Not me. I haven't even had a sniffle. My mom came home to visit for Christmas and brought with her a nasty cold too. I put her on a rigorous dose of the CS and within a couple days she was recovered. Even my giving mom a a good Christmas kiss didn't bring on a cold. Here's looking forward to many years of good health, happiness and prosperous times to you and your loved ones Ken and likewise to all who are open to the possibilities and the miracle of colloidal silver! Sincerely, David


Hi Ken.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for sending me the adapter you divised for the wide mouth canning jars. I was the one who emailed you, telling you I used saran wrap to susspend the unit over the jar. You were kind enouph to send me the plexiglass ring you made.

Also, if you could use any more testimonials. I have a few for you.

I already told you about these:
It helped my new pups kennel couph, and one cats sneezing, but the greatest miricle is the other cats toe infection that she had over 1 1/2 years even with antibiotics & steroids the vet gave in the beginning. Gizmo's toe infection healed in 3 weeks after starting the CS treatment.

Another thing, I scalded my face and I applied ice cold water, and cold packs for 1/2 an hour, alternating with splashing with CS (which I could not have done unless I made it myself as I would not have had enough), I have no scarring, with the exception of my finger which I was not worried about at the time, and did nothing for.

But since then. There was a guy at work who for a month thought he had something wrong with his jaw. He finally whent to the doctor (after the month on pain killers) and found it was an infection in his tooth. He made a trip to the dentist who prescribed antibiotics, which he could not pay for. He came in saying that he could not fill the subscription (young guy between paycheques). I gave him CS (I have some at work for emergencies). He started using it right away, as a mouthwash & internally. In 3 day's he had the infected tooth removed, and all was better than A-OK. If the infection was still there, the dentist could not have remeoved the tooth without a lot of pain.

I had also given some to an elderly gentleman, who had a bad cold he could not shake for 2 weeks. After a day on CS, his breathing improoved, and his chest conjestion was breaking up.

Then there is my experience at the dentist. I had just had my teath cleaned 2 weeks before I got my Silver Puppy. I am always on a 4 month recall because I have lots of tarter, and the beginnings of gum disease. Each cleaning involves lots of scalling, bleeding, and an awfull taste in my mouth. Well, my hygenist was in shock. She had hardley any scalling. My gums were not bleeding. & I didn't notice any bad taste in my mouth. My gums didn't swell for the day of the cleaning. And they now have me on a 6 month recall. She said she could not beleive the improovment in my mouth. And the only difference was my using the CS as a mouthwash each time I brushed.

I also have an area on my leg that I froze in high school. The skin is very thin, and if I brush up against something I usully loose the first few layers of skin. That wound takes a long time to heal. Usually about 3 weeks of yellowy puss & pain. This time in 1 week the scab fell of and the skin under it was the best it has been. No pain after the first day, & no leaky puss.

Also we were starting the flu. My Husband & I at the same time. We had all the symptoms. Weepy eyes, tired achy feeling. Stuffy nose. At the time we went to bed, my hubby took Advil, I took CS. Took a while to fall asleap, with eyes stinging & stuffy nose, but in the morinng when I woke up, I was 98% fine. My Husband on the other hand could not make it into work. He felt aufull. I think next time he will take the CS too.

Then there are minor paper cuts, and cuticle rips that usually cause pain & infection, that go away in a day with no problem now.

I can't tell you enoupb what a difference this product had made in my life, and the knowledge that I can make it whenever I need it. I am recommending it to anyone who will listen. Don't be surprized if in the next few months you get more orders from Winnipeg, MB CANADA.

Again, thank you very much. Marianna


Hi Ken, I got my new S.W.A.P model today, thanks so much, it looks great. I have completely gone over your website and find that I need a couple of the plastic lids for my quart jars. I wish I had known you had them, I would have had you toss them in the box. If you still have my cc info can you put two in the mail when you get a chance?
Thanks so much. I am so excited to get generatin' again and refill all our "kits" around the house and cars. I am really impressed with your honesty, straightforward explanations about other systems, especially your willingness to endorse the competition! Nice guy!
I don't pretend to understand all the chemistry and physics behind the work you do...I just know that the puppy puts out a wonderful product and it has helped my family a whole bunch!!
I think I told you that I live with my son and his little family. We recently bought (their first) home near Tacoma, Washington, and I now have my own daylight basement apartment. I an the Nanny to their two daughters. Last year it was only one little girl, and now we have a 6 month old girl, and mamma said yesterday "when is your CS kit coming back? We need to drizzle some in her (the baby's) ears and nose! We need to CURE this, not just treat it!" (for a bad cold and congestion and plugged sinuses, instead of all the drugs they want her to administer.) So tomorrow we are in business again, and I am so happy to make them their own quart jar for upstairs! But I don't want to use the typical screw top lids, of course. Will use plastic and rubber band for the moment.

Thanks so much, again, Ken. You are a bit of all right!
Karen D

Dear Ken,
[snip] Just one more comment. Hubby came home from the hospital just this past thurs and the puppy had arrived providentially 2 hours previous. He came home weak, addicted to percocet and could barely get up the stairs to the house. Continued the ordered around the clock iv antibiotics but immediatly added the cs. Just small sips in am and pm. His diagnosis- septicemia- strep in blood- and had been going on for months- 40 percent mortality rate.
Even yesterday in am he was weepy begging to gack to the hospital because he felt so sick. Well today- sunday- He got up by himself, bathed, dressed, ate 2 good meals (he had lost 70 lbs) and headed out the door with my daughters to church!!! He is planning on going to the air show this labor day weekend and I am flabbergasted. The ONLY thing we were doing different is the cs. Please feel free to use this testimonial.
The puppy rocks!!
Praising Jesus,

I got it, it's here! I'm so happy. I already made 2 batches of colloidal silver (both 250 ml). First took almost 3 hours, and second exactly 2 hours.Water is without color (not even yellow) after generator shut itself and I really like it. So far I like everything about Silverpuppy. It was nice to see how thermal stirring works. I observed gentle movement of water, by seeing some particles, which are now laying at the bottom of container. Is that Silver Hydroxide? I attached picture for you to see. :) Both photos are from same batch. One is taken using flash, and other without.

I would like to thank you on your excellent service. You really provided me with everything I could need. Tomislav

In this day and age good customer service is rare. I ordered the basicsilver generator model last Wednesday and received it yesterday (Monday), and didn't even have to pay for shipping! I look forward to making a batch this weekend. While I have been taking very prudent amounts of CS purchased from the health food store, this will save me a small fortune over the long haul. Thanks again for you prompt delivery. michael


hi, its thomas, ill be calling you to process an order, and send you a money order. it looks good to me, . apparently, from a slew of anecdotal reports along w/ a growing body of research thats been done for several years(ucla is one place) colloidal silver does have great natural antibiotic action and is healing people and maintaining health in extraordinary ways/ i, like yourself, never get colds, or flu, whenever i start to get a sore throat, or a sniffle, my immune system fights it off and its gone within 2 hours.;,all while my friend,girlfriend,i should say, has twice had strep throat and i didnt catch that from her either. /yes fungus toenail,same here, just had a bad canker sore on gum and after one or two applications of the tincture,a dropper full on the canker, it was gone by the end of the day. the question for me is will it get rid of the Lyme bacteria/spirochete , i believe it could and may be doing it , but i may need to take the silver on a regular basis and so ,like you say, my interest is to make it myself ,better and cheaper. i appreciate your 'healthy skepticism' and scientific frame of mind, im similar , but if something like this really does heal and cure various illnesses, 650 250 ,viruses,bacteria, who cares... if it works thats good enuf for me. thanx again for your help and ill be calling soon. i also like your approach to encouraging people to search around and compare and read up on things. thats good integrity. keep up the good work. Thomas

My family is loving the silver generator and CS! We have had great results in sniffing, dripping in ears and noses, clearing up diaper rashes and sore throats, etc. I spray everything in sight, food prep sites, cutting boards, etc. and have bottles in cars, first aid kits, bath shelves, etc. etc. Couldn't be more pleased! [Karen]

Received everything just fine and it works like a charm. Thanks for you help and generosity. I will definitely recommend your business to others Phil


Love our Coyote! We've donated gallons of CS to the national Chinese Shar-Pei Rescue with some amazing, truly miraculous results. Horrible abcesses
on two abused Pei healed almost without scars. You have saved doggy lives.

Great product! Appreciate your candor. I enjoy doing business with someone I believe in! Thanks for being there! [Patrick]

I'm a past and pleased customer of yours for about a year now. I have the series 2 unit. My friend Jerry and his mother Barbara also purchased from you
>after seeing mine. I was thinking about ordering one for my mother for a Christmas gift and would like to check your stock and availability. Thanx Brent

The diabetic says leg sores are healing! Deborah

>Hi Ken,
>I'm still at it. The SilverPuppy is Great!! This one is for my youngest daughter. Near as I can figure have given my friends 30+ gallons on top of what we use since getting my unit. Could never do it without the SilverPuppy! I think every family should have one and give everyone your web site and info on colloidal silver. Have not been to a MD in over two years thanks to Colloidal Silver, and I used to be in there with lung infections etc at least 6 to 8 times a year.
>Once again, Congratulations on creating a Great colloidal silver generator.
>Be Well and Prosper,

[snip] Also thank you for the honesty you represent on your site.
>Much appreciated AND got my sale. Jen

I still love your generators Ken, and I still recommend them. Trem, in fact, has been asking that I list his more affordable model on the silvermedicine.org product recommendation page. I won't do it. Not because it isn't a good generator, but because I like your design and "engineering" better. I'm glad to say, though, that I've "sold" a few SG-7's via website referrals. The five gallon generator is a real work horse; a great machine, especially for those who want to give away lots of silver to friends, family, and the needy.
And I always have a use for a good generator!

Hey Ken...got the new improved super Pup Sat. and have made several 8oz batches. Looks like the mag. stir is where it's at. Takes 1hr 20 mins for 8oz... old stir took 50 mins. I like the lack of motor noise best.... so far it has kept on going around.. this is good. I'd say you have a winner if it proves longevity. Thanks for the quick turn around. now send rain... please and thank you. [So far, only replaced 2 in as many years K]

Thank you very much!! I'm new to this and wasn't super clear on the kits.Unfortunately I was short on time and wanted to order it before the weekend.
Thanks for watching out for me. Your kit was recommended on the yahoo group that I recently joined. They spoke highly of it and YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Thanks for proving them right. I'll look forward to receiving it and give a call if I have any questions.

hi Ken...

i bought a puppy from you a few months ago, and now just writing to say, i have never needed to ask you any questions, and it has always worked perfectly...cute name too...

but the reason that i haven't needed to ask you anything, is that you pretty much do all the explaining on the silver list, and in very easy to understand language for any layman, and sooner or later get around to all the topics...

keep up the super life....and thanks for sharing all your experiments...

if you ever travel, and come to nova scotia, i would sure like to meet you...


Yes, I am a dreaded NEWBIE!!! LOL! My name is Rene', and I have been taking CS for about three months now. My husband, daughter and I have had miraculous results. I am a BIG skeptic, and it took a lot of research, simple experimenting and actual visible results on ailments for me to get into the full "CS" frame of mind. But I am there now! Some of our results:

1. I have endometriosis, and I am usually wracked with debilitating pain both during ovulation and a week before and during my periods. **WARNING - GRAPHIC "WOMEN" STUFF HERE!** I have also been suffering from heavy bleeding and large clots for the past two years, also a symptom of the endometriosis (or so I believe). I started CS in the middle of one of my periods, so I didn't pay much attention. The next period I had, it didn't even dawn on me until halfway through it that I hadn't experienced any pain either before or during and that my flow was NORMAL! I kind of blew it off as "coincidence." The next month, same result. I am now on my third period since starting CS, and I feel like I've been liberated!!!! I had actually planned on discussing a hysterectomy (I'm only 35!) with my GYN during my regular check-up this past month because it had gotten so bad. Instead, I felt so great, we didn't really have much to talk about!! I have wondered if it wasn't just endometriosis that was causing my pain but perhaps an underyling, smoldering pelvic infection that had gone undetected. I don't know why it worked or how - but it did! I've done nothing else different or started any other remedies or medications. I have no reason to believe it would just suddenly go away on its own after two years!

2. A couple weeks ago, I awoke with a HORRIBLE canker sore on the side of my tongue. It was so painful, I could barely eat breakfast. I decided to dab a little CS on it with a cotton ball. I felt immediate relief in the level of pain. It wasn't gone, but it was significantly dulled. By that afternoon, I realized that the pain was gone!! The little "ball" of the sore was still there, but by morning, even that was gone. I have a lot of canker sores, and ones as bad as that one usually take a good four or five days to heal. I have now successfully rid myself of three more in the same fashion.

3. My husband has a business in which he does metal fabrication using a welder and is always getting weld burns from sparks. He has not only been able to heal them in half the time they normally take by applying CS directly to the burn, but he has noticed that since taking CS daily internally that the burns tend to be less severe. He suffered a really bad burn just a few days ago where he rested his arm accidentally on a piece of aluminum that had just been welded. The skin actually blistered up and peeled off. The pain was excruciating until he was able to come home and put CS on the burn. The pain was instantly gone, and you can already tell the burn is healing nicely.

4. My husband has suffered from terrible sinus problems since childhood. He has tried every over-the-counter and prescription sinus medication made. He put CS in a spray bottle and has been using it twice daily as a nose spray. His sinuses have been GREATLY improved with barely any congestion. Typically in the fall and spring, he care barely breathe.

We've had many other successes with CS, and we love it!! We make our own with the Silverpuppy generator, and it's fantastic!!

..later on a list in response to a question...

I second the recommendation for the Silverpuppy. I have been extraordinarily pleased with mine and use it daily. I researched and asked around a lot before making my purchase, and the Silverpuppy was the most mentioned to me. The one thing most people emphasized to me, however, was to spend the extra $30 or so dollars and get the magnetic stirring unit, which I did. It's super easy to use, and I like that you just watch for the light to go out, and you're ready to go! The CS is lovely and clear. Their customer service is also fantastic. I had a problem with my magnetic stir unit after a couple of days of use, and they sent me out another one, which I received within two days. I haven't had a moment's trouble since, and they were also very willing to answer my questions.

I highly recommend it!


We certainly appreciate the ease of use of the Silver Puppy and expect to make CS with it for many years to come!
Thanks for a good product and the personal help and advice you provide.

I'm Terrys daughter from Florida. My family has recommended your silver puppy to all of our friends & family. Many have purchased them and are
delighted! I am ordering another SP so my sister can make her own CS (she has finally admitted CS really works!)
Thank you for putting together a great product that is easy to use and makes quality CS! Happy New Year !


I received your wonderful generator yesterday. I amvery, very pleased with the quality of the product. I also appreciated the beautiful artwork on the mag stir
base. I mentioned it on my blog:

I also spent a lot more time on your website today which I really enjoy. I have a chronic sinus infection which has been plaguing me for over 13 years and I'm
only 31. Thanks to cs, my health is improving slowly. Antibiotics do nothing for me at this point.

Best wishes,

This is our second unit that we have refered. Results are amazing. thanks

Thank you for the extra Atomizer. I also want to say that your web site is great! Since I purchased your kit over 2 years ago I've used CS for all kinds of problems including toenail fungus that I no longer have, clearing up acne on my son, softening and healing my cracked feet, its also great for eye irritation, plus more. Thanks again, Denise

Thanks Ode,

For this wonderful info and ALL the other helpful information you so generously share with "us seekers"! I refer to some of your tidbits often as
I share with the group in subjects to which I feel I might be of help and give proper credit to "Ode" as one of our Experts together with many others
with varied backgrounds! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Sincerely, Richard 57 Year FL Pharmacist

Hi Tom-

I bought a Silver Puppy from www.silverpuppy.com - I believe over a year or so ago - and I can't say enough about how satisfied I am with it. It's operation is simple and flawless, no one beats its price, and it's even attractive, as far as generators go (!). I've never tested the silver it makes, but Ode (a/k/a Ken) has. It's ionic silver of the best quality and you can see the results of the analysis on his website. I know it's been working for us, that's for sure.

I'd also like to second the accolades Richard posted about Ode (a/k/a Ken), who builds and sells these Silver Puppy generators. I find Ode's posts not only fascinating and enlightening - but remarkable as well. I'm very grateful for his ongoing presence here. He's not only an expert on silver and generators, he's also one of the nicest people I think I've ever come across as far as customer service goes. Thank you for all your help Ode. And thank you for your priceless contributions to this list, as well.


["expert"? cringe...Ode]


Dave in Vancouver here. The custom silverpuppy you had to re-send to me arrived already! Actually it arrived last week on Wednesday.
It has been running 24/7 ever since and it is working flawlessly. It has obviously had a lot of thought and many hours of engineering and tinkering and testing put into it. Its a great product. Solid, simple and functional.


Hello Ken!

This is just to let you know that I've received my Silverpuppy some days ago, and that I'm very happy with it :) Nice and clean design, simple and effective! Great product!

Best regards,Victor


Ditto on the Silver Puppy. I am new to CS and I LOVE this little puppy! Also, Ode is wonderful with support issues after the sale. Just another happy puppy owner!
Sarah in Tn

I don’t know if you can or not, but I love my Silver Puppy. Just plug it in and it stops when it is ready whether I am there or not.

I am not the seller, I am just a happy customer. Lori


Results so far:
I have made about 4 quarts of CS, and have been using the CS daily. 1Tbsp in the morning swished in my mouth for 5-6 minutes or more, and also have been applying it topically.

Results: Gums no longer bleed, gums are firm and not puffy anymore. Teeth and mouth feel cleaner (less plaque?). Looking forward to dentist appt in the next few months, they have always complained about my gums. Works great as a topical antiseptic for cuts, etc... My nephew said it helped his bad case of poison ivy. Its effective as a deodorant, especially if reapplied once during the day, and shirt armpits are sprayed. I've been experimenting (30 days or so) with it by spraying 3x a day on my receding hairline (age 47) and so far have noticed small black hairs starting to pop up instead of my normal gray/silver hair.

Your product is well made and I appreciate the effort you made in its development.


I recieved the plug in for the series 1 that you mailed me last week. Thank you so very much for the fast service and for replacing it for free!!! You are a doll. I love your sense of humor in you web site (that was the main reason I ordered from you the first time!!) I will continue to spread the word and tell everyone what a great product you have. Continued good fortune in your endeavors and I look forward doing business with you again sometime.
Have a great day and thanks again. I really appreciated it!!!


Hi, came across your site and thought I would say G'day. As I am writing I have a 2litre jar brewing with one of your machines purchased in South Australia.
I have been using C/S for 5 years after ex wife gave me plans for a 3 battery 9v machine and said make this for me.
Well I did and soon found the benefits of C/S i.e. no colds, 30 year sinus problem disappeared and most recently having suffered haemorrhoids for two months decided to clean rear end with C/S after every use. Immediate relief, no itching and all sign and swelling gone in 24hrs.
Having progressed in the machine making dept over the years and was on 9th version when I was persuaded to try your Puppy, there was no comparison, how easy to set and forget, consistent results every time.
Just gotta say thanks [That was a "silverwell' version made for and bought in Australia. http://www.silverwell.com.au/ K]



Hi Kenny: I gotta say bud for the money your machine beats ALL the competition hands down for double the price of your well designed unit. I'm
really impressed. I state that having engineering expertise, great design, great job!

I was even impressed with the resistence factor making a constant uniform blend adjusting to the resistance of the water in silver build up, that never faltered keeping silver content uniform, not to mention the no burn out feature you built in. I'm sure beyond a shadow of a doubt this baby will soon be number one out there versus the competition any compitition.

My $159.00 unit in comparison to your unit for $75.00 [that was, like, one of the very first ones sent out years and years ago K] is puny to it in comparison to your new and great design. I take back everything I ever said/thought about ya, you know your stuff!! Amazing, Unit gets five Stars *****!

Congrads on this product brother! I will recommend no other. Walt


I just got Kenny's yesterday and it's grrreat! I've actually made 2 batches so far. I bought some CS in a health food store but only got a few ounces at an exorbitant price.


First, I discovered I could put "my" silver in me eyes without irritation. I ended up cleaning the shower curtain with the rest of the stuff I bought.

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:45:35 -0700
Greetings Seekers;
Hear Ye Now One and All, for I have a story to tell. It starts with my son Erik. Born on Valentine's Day 1998. When he was 10 days old he contracted RSV, an extremely virulent respiratory virus especially for the very young. It left him with scarred lung tissue leading to Reactive Airways Disease, a condition which leaves him vulnerable to every germ or virus. In his 23 months he has been on virtually every antibiotic 16 different times. The scenario is always the same. He picks up a virus and starts running a low grade fever, then he begins producing a lot of mucus leading to a racking cough. Eventually he gets a bacterial infection and winds up on antibiotics again. He gets somewhat better only to have it start all over again. His doctors have him on a treatment program of nebulizing him with .5ml of Albuterol Sulfate in 2 ml of saline solution to dilate the capillaries in his lungs, followed by Flowvent, a steroid inhalant. He gets this once a day when he is "healthy", increasing to twice a day when he starts to come down with something, and finally up to three times a day when he is sick. By now he is usually on antibiotics again. I was determined not to let this go on. I believed the answer lay within the Alchemical tradition and I have been searching to nearly two years. But as you know the Alchemist of yore were so persecuted they steeped their knowledge in so much metaphor it became a lost art, nearly impossible to reproduce today. This led me to David Hudson's work, a modern day Alchemist, who I believe is definitely on to something with his monatomics, but his research is not yet at a state of refinement where it was of use to me, and finally to colloidal silver. After extensive research on the subject I believed I had finally found something that might be of help. Further research led me to what I felt was the best way to produce it. I purchased a generator and so began my experiments . My intention was to test it first on myself, which I did, however before my tests were conclusive Erik again got sick. After two visits in one week to the doctor who said there was nothing they could do but let it run its course, he was getting sicker. Up all night (him and us) coughing and fever. I knew he was headed for another round of antibiotics. I decided this was it. I started him on 2.5 ml of colloidal silver twice a day, the equivalent for his body weight to 2 tbsp. per day. I also replaced the saline solution in his nebulizer with 2 ml CS and let him breath the mist. On the third day his fever broke and he slept all night, waking once with a cough. By the fourth day he had nearly stopped coughing and was running and playing again. He had a bit of a rough night last night coughing again but he is still definitely improving. I am going to increase his CS treatments to three times a day to try to knock it out completely.
You cannot imagine how I feel, being able to do this for my son. Through the efforts of my mind and my own hands, to be able to give him back the promise of
good health. I truly believe he will soon be off this merry go round of medications. As a final irony, just as the establishment of their day persecuted the
Alchemist because they threatened their control over what was accepted. So too the FDA is persecuting us today. Last night I received a call from the brother
of Dr. M. Paul Farber, the author of "The Micro Silver Bullet". I had heard of his book on this web site and ordered a copy. He called me to tell me that he
would not be able to send me a copy because of a new ruling by the FDA which said that since he sold silver products he could not also sell a book that
endorsed their use. Can you believe that! They are trying to stop him from spreading the word. The book is still available through bookstores, in fact he
assures me that their sales are soaring. ILLIGITMI NON CARBORUNDUM !!

Greetings Ken;
First an update on Erik. I continued my 3 per day treatments over the weekend and he is completely recovered. I have reduced his treatments to 1 nebulizer
treatment per day and .8 ml twice a day.



From: "Ansley"

First results are in: The store bought stuff I had was so expensive and hard to get that I couldn't try this until now.

My oldest daughter who has really bad acne is clearing up much better and faster than anything the doctor has ever done for her, so is little sister. (middle sis doesn't have it). They both are taking a tablespoon twice a day and soaking a makeup pad with CS and soaking/swabbing their faces twice a day. Big Sis was noticeably less inflamed on her face within 8 hrs. It's getting better every day.

Wife is taking it also and soaking it on toes for fungus but that'll take a while to see.

Somewhere on the net I read about people using it as underarm deodorant. For years now I've had to trim back my underarm hair every 3 months or so with a beard trimmer to keep odor under control. No amount of alcohol, deodorant or scrubbing would do it when the bacteria re-populated in the hair. I was just about to do it again when I got the generator. After making the first batch, I started rubbing it on. Within 4 days the musty smell that stayed even after a bath was gone. This is great because now I won't have to itch for a week from the trimming.

Question: What would happen if I filtered it through a coffee filter to get out the silver chloride. It's not like there's a lot of it, but I understand that it is one of the undesirable silver salts. Would it hurt the colloidal suspension? [There is no silver chloride if you don't use water with salt in it..and the generator won't even start, if you use salty water. K]


Hi! We are real impressed with the generator and how it makes the colloidal silver. My wife and I are both taking it with good results. I have recommended this to my sister in Battle Mountain, Nevada, my brother in law in Parma, Idaho, and a friend in St. George, Utah, and all 3 have ordered a generator. I have several other prospects who are interested.

Thanks - Sherm

Hello Ken,
Just a note to let you know the out come of silver vs the cold bug. I always have a scratchy throat for 2-3 days and then the cold hits me. This time around when the throat thing hit I took 1 oz night and morning. The runny nose hit on Friday evening. I felt bad Saturday and Sunday but by Monday I felt pretty good and have improved since. When I have colds they usually last 7-10 days and then I always get to the point remedies do nothing but I still have a lot of junk to blow out of my nose.(how can all that come out of such a small sinus areas) any way in 2-3 days I was at the normal 7-10 day spot in my cold cycle.(not bad!!!!) So the silver helped a lot.
This stuff from the silverlist. [I tried to ask permission to use it. If anyone got left out or wants to protest, contact me at silvermail@earthlink.net]

Your wish is my command.

Ken aka "Ode Coyote"

>> "The federal government has developed regulations and guidelines to protect people from the possible health effects from long-term exposure to silver in drinking water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that the level of silver in drinking water not be more than 0.05 milligrams per liter of water (mg/L) (which is equal to 50 parts of silver per billion parts of water or ppb). However, in May 1989, the EPA announced that this restriction on silver levels in drinking water might be removed. For short-term exposures (1-10 days), EPA suggests that drinking water levels of silver not be more than 1.142 mg/L (which is equal to 1.142 parts of silver per million parts of water or ppm)."
>That is interesting. Then taking 1 oz of 10 ppm or 2 oz of 5 ppm of CS per day would be (1 oz)(10mg/l)/(33.8 oz/l) = .2958 mg. The amount this new level would be for a person drinking 2 to 4 liters a day would be 2.282 to 4.564 mg a
>So the amount we typically take for maintainance is 1/10th to 1/20th of what the EPA would allow in water! That seems pretty good ammunition against those who want to claim that this level is toxic.
>Of course if they are really in the know, they know that 2 ppm or so of flouride is allowed, even added to the water, and that is truely toxic.
>How long does it take for them to act? 11 years seems a bit long.

>Last week I received a call from a pharmacist who lives in another province about 1,000 miles away from me. He had previously lived in my area until last year. Now that he has been transferred to New Brunswick (he's in the military), he couldn't find any CS in his area, so he was calling me to order a case.
>He told me he had had herpes simplex in his eye, and a doctor had prescribed a medicine that had to be administered into his eye every 2 hours, around the clock. The herpes went away, but came back 2 weeks later. The pharmacist was going to get some more of this medicine, but his doctor told him No Way, the medicine could damage his eye if used within 4 weeks of the previous application.
>Another doctor on the base (a friend of mine) suggested he put CS into his eye. It was hurting and stinging like the dickens, so he got some CS and tried it. He told me he put about 4 drops in his eye, the pain stopped in 30 minutes, and all sign of the herpes was gone in one hour. He was amazed.
>He's going to try to get the military base pharmacy where he works to carry CS.
>I myself had recurring herpes cold sores breaking out all over my face 2 - 4 times a year for the last 26 years that has virtually disappeared (one cold sore) since I've been drinking 10+ oz/day for the last 3-1/2 years.
>Terry C
>Metabolic Solutions Institute

I have had IV therapy recently. I HAD MS, it is gone. Originally I just drank CS, It did wonders. It killed the MS mycoplaysma. I then began to drink the CS with H2o2 and the lesions began to go away, and the myelin began to repair. I finally tried IV infusions and after five weekly IV drips, I no longer have any symptoms from the MS. My friend has done the same procedure. She was in worse shape than me. I was not yet wheelchair bound, but she was. With about 14 weekly infusions she is walking with her walker. I am confident she will soon walk alone. Neither of us had any adverse reactions to this protocol. I found a clinic in the Chicago area willing to try it for us.

Ms Lupus, and fibomyalgia are all caused by micoplaysma. My CS has cured
all three of these so far.
Actually 8 people so far have been drinking my CS for MS. So far they all
are much improved. Five of the 8 have had MRI's lately. All 5 MRI show NO
NEW LESIONS. ALL LESIONS ARE OLD. That sounds like a cure in my book.
Also, the damage caused by the MS is being repaired with the help of CS.

I would like to personally thank each and every one of these people Jason has listed. They have all been extremely kind and helpful answering my many questions both on and off list. I owe my new HEALTHY life to each of them. That includes Jason, too.
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From: AVRA / Jason

Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2002 8:48 PM

This from Jason

Well, let's see!

Francis Key owns this page ( an excellent little chart on silver particles --- --- ---- >>> Francis Key is an excellent chemist and has slowly but assuredly expanded my knowledge and understanding of silver particles ):


Bob Lee, gracious in words, thought and expression ( also known as Tai Pan, whom if we were to ever silence, would result in another great loss -- -- -- -->>>> A great researcher Weston Price, who delved into, among other things, how teeth relate to health, also was supremely aware of the effect of colloids such as clays in matters of health ) owns this fantastic commentary on using Faraday's Equation/Law for CS:


Brooks Bradley, selflessly taking the time to share owns this truly life-saving page:


Stephen Quinto and I own this page:


"Herx" owns this excellent calculator... and one day, he, 'ole bob and/or others will likely find an adjustment factor to make PPM calculations accurate enough for "government work":


I suppose Dr. Robert O. Becker darn near owns this page:


There's several pages that, if an owner had to be chosen, it would likely have to be our very own moderator extraordinaire, Mike D., as they consist of eskimo silver-list postings.

The FDA owns this page, although in this case I'm about literally shoving it down their throats:


If I continued to go on listing the names, we'd likely be here for quite some time! Rest assured, all of the old-timers on this list would be included on THAT list.

But of course that list would include Trem [www.silvergen.com] and Ken [www.silverpuppy.com], two extraordinary individuals who have shared various expertise... The kind folks from the Silver Institute... oh, don't forget Roger Altman!

The mistakes are mine. Slowly they have been weeded out. Rarely do I get an embarrassing email from an all-too-astute observer ( always appreciated however ) these days.

Last month, three days of one ounce colloidal silver use ( silverpuppy generated ) eliminated a ten year chronic urinary tract/kidney infection.


A serious sinus infection was 60% cleared up with about 20 minutes of sinus irrigation ( Silvergen SG7 Pro ), within about two hours. The infection cleared completely within 72 hours with no further action. I've found with tough sinus infections, the sinuses have to be drained and not just irrigated, by repeatedly irrigating the nasal passageways until both nasal pssageways are clear.
Best Regards, Jason

I am new to this list, but have been using CS for about 7 years. However, because of the high cost, I didn't use it very often for several years. Well, last Fall my benefits started getting cut back and I could no longer afford to send my wife and kids to the doctor 1 to 3 times a month. So, I started searching the internet for a way to save money on CS. I was excited to find out that I could make it at home. But, the more I researched, the more opinions I found on what is supposed to be the best way to make CS. I finally decided that what made the most sense, was to use a constant current CS generator. I have made about 35 gallons so far since April 2002 for friends and family and have had great success. So far people who have tried my CS have reported that it helped with the following: Sore throats, ear infections, warts, Acne, 2 cases of Arthritis, diaper rash, an eight year old genital heat rash, burns, cuts heal faster, yeast infection, mosquito bites, spider bites, a ten year old toe fungus, plant fungus, eye infections, flea bites, mouthwash, after shave, food preservation, cut flowers, water purification, pet’s eye infection, allergies, nebulizer breathing treatments, poison ivy, Kidney infection, etc...
So far, I have only found 3 companies that sell constant current generators. Here are the links:
This is not a commercial, but I just believe there is such a wide range of quality in CS in the market. I believe, based on the results in just 4 months, that making CS with a constant current CS generator REALLY works.


Keith Pittman

No info on what generator he's using.

From: "Heather
Subject: RE: CS>Uses
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 08:49:30 -0700

Pets: Seeing as how we live in a near zoo at my house, CS comes in very handy for the occasional ickies & sickies:

I have experienced great results with CS in cats. This has been a bad year for fights & therefore, abcesses on our 2 cats & I have found that injecting
CS directly into the already-open wound with a plastic-tipped syringe takes care of the problem in two days or less, depending on the size of the wound.
I also give CS by mouth for 4 days and I'm amazed every time how complete & quick the healing is. I used to pay $90 per visit to the vet for antibiotics
& an overnight stay, lancing & drainage and I haven't had to for the last 2 years. Cats heal differently than humans & dogs. If there is any infection
under the skin at a wound site, it will take way too long to heal with conventional meds & must be treated at the wound site as well as internally.
CS is perfect for this. CS also cured a chronic ear fungus in my dog. I have used CS successfully as a dip for my comet goldfish & have seen Ich
disappear in less than 2 days on a fish that was covered with the speckles. Also took care of one case of dropsy (pinecone syndrome) & a stress/fungal
condition on a large koi. (I ALWAYS treat my fish OUT of the water in a dip bucket; never in the pond.) [Yea, DON'T DO THAT...kills the whole pond or fish tank. Doesn't harm fish directly. It throws their environment out of whack and THEN they float]

As for us humans in the house, I credit CS with keeping us flu-free for the last 2 years, as well as enabling a longer refrigerator shelf-life on foods that we would have thrown out because of questionable age. We're saving money AND staying well. Also, a friend of mine used CS to cool a bad cooking oil burn & found to her joy & amazement that the large burn mark was nearly invisible the next day & gone on the second with no scarring, blistering or tenderness.

Sorry for the book...CS has done wonders for all the little insidious, irritating ills of life at our house since we started making it regularly 2 years ago. We'll keep making it & using it and completely benefiting from it. Heather K

The subject of feline leukemia comes up now and then.

My personal experience with that is of giving several batches of colloidal silver to a friend whos cat was diagnosed "Good as dead" with feline leukemia.

She subsituted colloidal silver for the cats drinking water. A week or so went by and the cat was...well...what leukemia!!?? Now, about a year later, that cat is about as healthy as a cat can get. [Happy paws!!!]

Cats seems to prefer colloidal silver water over regular water.

..on that note.

Silver Ion Therapy for HIV/AIDS and Septicemia

by Dr. Charles D. Beal, M.D.

Rationale for Treatment of HIV With Silver Ions

..an excerpt from that document

Silver ions are produced in enormous quantities when an electric current is passed through silver metal in saline or other conducting solution, including blood. The amount of current needed is much lower than the current needed to affect the heart muscle. Silver ions are positively charged while viruses and bacteria have a weak negative charge. Thus, there is a mutual attraction between the ions and the organisms, the latter being inactivated by the ions. It seems likely that the silver ions also attach to red blood cells and proteins in the blood, as well as combining with chloride ions. Nevertheless, the enormous quantity of
silver ions produced appear adequate to destroy the viral particles. The half-life of the ions in the blood is calculated to be 7.8 seconds, giving them time to react with many virons, particularly if the electrode is placed in a large blood vessel, such as the superior vena cava, which empties directly into the heart with blood from many different veins. The blood entering the heart then is pumped immediately to the lungs where the ions should still be active. It is not known, however, whether silver ions delivered via the blood stream will be found to be useful to treat pulmonary infections. The blood returning to the heart after oxygenation then is distributed to the remainder of the body. An electrode placed in an artery should be able to deliver the ions directly and rapidly to the target organ. How practical or effective such treatment would be is not known.

Animal Studies

Both cats and certain primates can be infected with a fatal disease caused by retroviruses similar to HIV. The feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) appears to be transmitted to other cats through the saliva, that is through biting. FIV is not known to be infectious to humans. Dr. Burris was able to obtain one very ill FIV infected cat from a neighbor, but could not convince any veterinarian in the area to treat the cat with silver ions. Eventually he found a research veterinarian
practicing in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, who anesthetized the cat, placed a silicone rubber catheter containing a silver wire protruding from its end into the superior vena cava via a jugular vein. A cathode was attached to the skin of the chest. The microamp power indicated above was applied for 22 minutes by means of a small power supply, followed by the nanoamp power for 90 minutes. It was assumed that the cat would soon die of its disease. Thus the primary purpose of this treatment was to determine silver levels in the blood. It was found that the natural level was increased only briefly by about 10%. All animals maintain trace amount of silver in the body. Of great interest, however, is that by the second post-treatment day the cat began eating well, and within four weeks the many sores on its back and ears had healed. The cat was treated in March, l996, and at the present appears perfectly healthy. It is not known whether some infectious agents remain in the cat's body. Since that apparently successful effort, attempts have been made to obtain the FIV infected cats for
treatment, but so far without success. We have been informed, however, that in recent years neither the FDA nor the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have been requiring animal studies prior to evaluating anti-HIV drugs in humans.

Human Studies

Cesar Garcia Ramirez, MD, practicing in Tijuana, became aware of the FIV treatment, and felt that it would be a compassionate act to at least try the therapy on some of his dying AIDS patients. He obtained permission from the Baja California Division of Public Health, as well as agreement for the treatment protocol from a group of physicians serving as the institutional Review Board (Human Studies Committee). Volunteer patients were fully informed and signed consent forms. Initially, three very ill patients were chosen. Silver electrodes in silicon rubber catheters were placed in arm veins and passed up as far as the vena
cava, or near to it. Each patient was treated for 12 minutes at 2.5 microamps, then for 72 hours at 125 microamps except that one patient was treated for only 48 hours. All three patients felt better by the second day, and considerably better by Day 5. Viral loads dropped precipitously, almost to zero in one patient and much lower than the initial count in the other two. Laboratory and clinical results are attached. The next three months were spent in equipment mprovement,
seeking to be able to reduce viral loads rapidly to zero in all patients, and to be able to maintain the zero level for weeks or months if need be until the badly damaged immune system has had time to recover and be able to itself to combat the infection. The virus is present not only in the blood stream, but also in lymph nodes and other organs of the body.

Currently in the Tijuana study catheters are implanted; in the subclavian vein (behind the clavicle) and extend to the right auricle of heart, with the electrode protruding from the end of the catheter. Since the electrodes in their present form oxidize and stop producing ions in about 5 days, the present system allows the silver electrode to be removed and replaced while the catheter remains in place. Using this method viral levels have been maintained at zero, or nearly so for six weeks in one patient. Her CD4 count is now beginning to rise, as is the total lymphocyte count. Most importantly, she feels very much better than prior to treatment. She also was infected with herpes, hepatitis C, toxoplasmosis of the brain, and cytomegalovirus (CMV) affecting one eye. It thus is very surprising that the patient has improved so much. Whether any of these secondary opportunistic infections have in reality been successfully treated can be determined only after prolonged follow-up. Many more patients will need to be treated and followed for these often fatal complications. In addition to the work described above, 18 AIDS patients, all seriously ill are now under treatment. The therapy is being done on a compassionate basis, responding to very strong pressure from the local AIDS community, their families and friends. Unfortunately, in none of these 18 is adequate laboratory work being performed, simply because
the cost of the rather extensive studies required to document the value of silver ion therapy is too great. Virtually all of these patients are destitute. It is very gratifying, nevertheless, that all of them now are feeling very much better, and some quite well. It is little wonder that there is such pressure for treatment.

Side Effects of Silver Ion Therapy

Until now no side effects attributable to this therapy have been observed. It should be remembered that the present most effective oral therapy available - protease inhibitors used in combination with other drugs is quite toxic, producing many side effects, enough so that some patients are unable to tolerate the therapy. One patient that was treated with silver ions for only 48 hours had a serious flare-up of his herpes infection soon after the treatment was stopped. On the other hand, the woman described above who was treated for 6 weeks, experienced a disappearance of her herpes lesion. At present it is impossible to
say whether the silver ion therapy was the cause of the effect in either

My favorite story.


A Test: Do not do this at home.

A few military friends of mine got together last week for the usual yak-yak about military things.
The talk came around to the anthrax shots. I opened my mouth and said they wouldn`t need them if all the military were taking CS.
A long discussion then went on, at the end we had decided to set up a real "he-man", "macho", "walk the walk" test. Cold brew will do things
to normally intelligent people. This was not a smart thing to do, but please consider who our small group is. One was me, Tai-Pan, ex-seal
from Nam, One ex-Army Ranger, Shannon, from Desert Storm, and one ex-82nd Air Borne from Bosnia, Richard, (paratrooper). I`m the oldest,
they are young guys. The test was to eat rotten meat and see if the CS would prevent problems. We agreed that if anyone became ill we would
wait for at least a 103f fever before taking CS. If it (the CS) did not work we would go to the ER at a fever of 105f. The ER was only a few
blocks away at Poly Ryan Hospital. Then we decided that one, Richard, would be the observer, and the other two would eat the rotten meat. Then
we decided that one meat would be treated with CS and one not. OK, so here we go to Richard`s house and get the rotten meat he was going to throw out, it smelled very bad and strong. Richard is baching, so whats new. We made two patties of about 1/4 lb each, hamburger size. One was put in a bowl and CS poured over it and kneeded well in the CS and made into a patty again. The other one was untreated. We drew straws to see who got each patty. I got the CS one and Shannon got the untreated one. We ate them, with a little beer to blunt the taste of them. Really macho. :-) Then we waited. After half an hour Shannon
developed a stomach ache, which proceeded to get worse. He had classical symptoms of food poisoning (botulism). I did not develope any symptoms
at all. His temperature began to rise so we decided to use the CS right away at about 101.5f. Gave Shannon four tablespoons of CS every 15 minutes for 90 minutes (1 1/2 hrs). Temperature held steady then began dropping, gave CS at four tablespoons every 30 minutes, and by the end of four hours he was feeling normal again. Continued CS at four tablespoons once an hour until the end of six hours just to make sure the botulism was gone. That was Saturday, now its Monday and still OK. CS was 9ppm, active. So whats it prove,(besides our dumb idea). Well, the CS treated meat was rendered safe. Can treat rotten food in an emergency if need be with CS and use it. Proved it would stop botulism. I usually take CS before eating out anyway. Proved we shouldn`t drink so much at one time. Now Richard and Shannon are using CS. :-) Now I feel better about them and their health.

Bless you Bob L

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