There are no dosing standards in existence for Colloidal Silver that make any sense at all, therefore, PPM is pretty much a moot point so long as it is 'strong enough'.
It is generally judged to be 'impossible' to overdose at 20 PPM and under.
At under 20 PPM, the water is far more toxic than the silver that's in it.
Most retail outlets sell colloidal Silver at between 5 and 10 PPM.
The "actual" PPM is far less important than consistency between batches.

This is the best that I've ever heard it stated. [Authors name with-held by request]

Dosing is not a science. The key word is "enough."
If you've used CS before, then you already know that you're not allergic to it, therefore you don't have to start with the few drops on the tongue that I suggest to new users, "just in case."
Beyond that, it would be good if we knew what kind of CS you've got. If store-bought, which brand and what supposed strength? If home made,what kind of generator and how brewed.
The usual advice is to start small and ramp up the dose until you have the effect you want. This is measured by either the symptoms improving or by the symptoms worsening (temporarily) in a Herxheimer reaction.

In general, flu-like symptoms and a general yucky feeling mark the Herxheimer reaction. In severe cases Herx reactions can be life threatening, particularly in people who are already weakened. If there 
is a bad infection that is destroyed very rapidly by the treatment it can overwhelm the body, leading to a shock reaction that could require emergency treatment.

Thus the caution to start small and ramp up until some effect is noted, then hold at that level until effects subside. When that happens, ramp up the dose further until effects resume, but remain manageable, and so 
on. Keep at it a few days longer if all seems to be well, just to be sure...

So what sort of dose might you want to work up to?

First, I will *assume* an "average" CS brew of some 5 to 20 ppm in plain distilled water made with a simple generator.

For a very aggressive treatment, some of our members have reported good `results taking a good mouthful (very precise measurement unit there!), swished around in your mouth for at least a couple of minutes before swallowing, taken every waking half hour to an hour.

To start slowly, just to be cautious of any severe Herx, I would probably wait a couple of hours between "swallows" at first.

One other thing is to consider adding Gatorade to the protocol. If you search the archives on that subject, you'll see that it is used to *drastically* increase the rate at which the CS enters the bloodstream.

Lastly, I want to say that, if push comes to shove, going to the doctor for antibiotics is not out of the question. I doubt it will be needed, but if your self-treatment is not effective within a reasonable time, 
the conventional alternative will serve as a safety net. Not without side effects, true, but safer than no treatment.

You must judge the risks and only you are responsible for the consequences of your health-care decisions. Don't take my suggestions as a substitute for your own judgement or that of your professional advisors.
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