Gel Kit Instructions

                                                                          Gel Kit instructions:

                      You can make a gel of almost anything liquid and water or alcohol based with this kit.

The function of an acrylic polymer is to act as an emulsion stabilizer and to adjust viscosity. It can therefore also be classed as a thickening agent. Although it can be used in any type of cosmetic product, it is very often found in gel-like formulas. There are no known side effects to this chemical compound.

1] Make a small very strong batch of Colloidal Silver by using manual mode after shutdown for about 8 to 10 hours or more.  Stir any crud in.  Quality doesn't matter here. An 8 oz jelly jar will work for a CS batch container.

2] Measure out between 1 [loose gel] and 2 1/2 [very stiff gel] teaspoons of polymer powder and place it into a suitable empty container. [Small, fat and squat with a lid?]

3] Warm 8 oz Colloidal Silver to about 120 degrees F and pour on top of powder. [Microwave?]

4] Allow this combination to sit for several hours till well dissipated and hydrated.  [It will look strange for a while, don't worry]

5] Slowly stir in between 24 and 28 drops of the liquid to bring the PH to about neutral and to solidify the gel.

6] Let it sit until thickened.

If gel is too thick to suit, add a little more CS [or whatever], stir slowly a little and let it sit.

About the Warnings:

Shucks, I get both of these ingredients all over me when making the kits and no ill effects what-so-ever....but, do watch your eyeballs.  [One day I'll figure out how to do that without a mirror?]

COLLOIDAL SILVER GEL KIT. PART A. [acrylic polymer] Gelling powder. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed in the instructions supplied with this kit. Do not ingest pure powder. Avoid inhalation or exposure to skin or eyes of the pure powder. Wash off thoroughly with water.

COLLOIDAL SILVER GEL KIT. PART B. [Nitrilotriethanol] Gelling catalyst  and pH balancer liquid. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed in the instructions supplied with the kit. Do not ingest or put this ingredient directly on skin or eyes. Can cause severe burns to eyes. Wash off thoroughly and immediately with water. [Can be neutralized with vinegar]  Wash bottle and eyedropper, dispose of appropriately when empty
Avoid using heavily pigmented gel on deep facial wounds [Possible tattoo?]
Uses: Use your imagination and some common sense. The "gel" is very slippery and virtually nontoxic so far as I can discover.
This type gel is used in the following products:
Rejuvenating and Normalizing Face Wash, Rejuvenating Treatment Skin Creams, Rejuvenating Eye Treatment, Exfoliating Facial Scrub, Rejuvenating Face Mask  Cellumend cellulite cream, Moisturizing Hand and Body Balm, Intensive Hand Treatment Balm, Refining and Refreshing Foot Scrub, Nourishing and Refreshing Foot Cream ..and many more.
 CS gel should be great for bug bites, burns and Poison Ivy [Not "tested" as such ]Not “known” to be Hypoallergenic. [or not]  Use small amount to make sure at first.

If the liquid has crystalized in cold shipping, warm it up in a pan of hot water.
The powder wants to absorb moisture out of the air and solidify. If that happens: Grind it up and use half as much.  [It’s best to keep it double sealed  in a ziplock baggie.]