Instructions "Silver 9" 12/22

“Silver 9” [Series 3 electrodes]
Micro-Processor Controlled Ionic/Colloidal Silver Generator
More accurately stated:  E.I.S.  Electrically Isolated Silver
Produces Ionic Ag (+) Silver Water and OH (-) ionized water  [ aka True  “Alkaline Water” ] and Silver Colloids

To Operate: [Need to Know…the basics]
1] Insert electrodes into sockets and arrange them so they are parallel in both planes.
2] Plug in the power.  
3] Place generator/electrode assembly on jar of distilled water [In Europe, “De-Ionized” water from the Chemist] filled so the water level just barely doesn't touch  [is a touch under/ ~1/8TH INCH ] the electrode sockets.
** The generator is ‘designed’ to fit a small or standard mouth canning jar.

 The SWAP/DC [Red/Green] LED will light up showing that electrical current is going through the water.
[If the water is extremely pure, the LED may be very dim at first]
If that LED is lit, you ARE making CS.
If it is NOT lit, you are NOT making CS  [ condition ‘off’.. ‘done’ ..or start over with better water]
******The electrodes MUST submerged in the water or the Green/Red LED will not light up!

Advanced:  [Want to Know…every thing else]
***Wait 3 seconds or more before pressing programming button.****
*If no programing is done, the generator will be operating in pure Automatic Mode and will turn off at  ~10 uS [ Microsiemens per Cubic Centimeter of Conductivity]
 *The Green LED shifting to Red and back every five minutes shows that the SWAP function is in operation
 *Pressing the programing button will put the generator into Programed Manual Mode Standby and the Yellow LED will light up.
 *When ~10 uS is reached as per Automatic Mode, the Programed Manual Mode then goes into operation and the Yellow LED will start blinking a countdown sequence according to how many times the button has been pressed.         Each blink represents 1 hour of process time to go.
You may add time at any time the generator is running.
 *How long it takes to reach 10 uS and go into Programed Manual Mode depends on water quality and volume of water. [Very pure water makes that time span QUITE LONG, while using bad water that already has 10 uS conductivity, it can be almost instant. If that time span is less than 3 seconds, you must do the programming before introducing the electrodes to the water ]
Times are ***typically*** 3-4 hours for a pint or 7-9 hours for a can be much longer depending on water quality    A quart should run AT LEAST 6 hours…short times can be made up by adding time by using the button

****Whatever conductivity the water already has subtracts from how much was added **as Silver**

You can add conductivity to the water without affecting finished silver concentration by preheating the water and allowing it to cool as more silver is added, thus reducing the overall time it takes by as much as several hours. [ Preheat with microwave or double boiler Do not heat water in a pot directly as that will contaminate it]

*Each press of the programing button will add 1 hour of processing time for adding ~2 uS to a Quart of water or ~4 uS to a Pint. [ All of that will be Silver ]
** So far as I can determine 1 uS [ more or less] = 1 PPM Silver. [ But using a meter has its problems]
 *Adding time to the program can be done at any time the generator is running. [Green/Red LED lit]

*Note that BOTH LEDs will be lit or one lit and the other blinking.
*So long as the Green/Red LED is lit, you ARE making CS whether or not the yellow LED is lit or blinking.  [It doesn’t matter which color the Red/Green LED is]
*If the Green/Red LED isn't lit, unplug and replug power to **power off reset** and try again. [Remember: Wait 3 seconds or more before pressing programing button.]
*If the generator turns off [Green/Red LED isn't lit ] before 3 seconds is up, that is VERY bad water and you must do all the programming before you place the electrodes into the water.

*DC Mode: [SWAP is the default mode and works much better ]
If for some strange reason one wants to use DC output, press the programming button for over 5 seconds before doing anything else.
 *Doing so will also count as one button push in Manual Mode.
 *The Red/Green LED will not change color after 5 minutes, showing that the output to the electrodes is DC.
 *One electrode will turn fuzzy black and the other may grow a bubbly whitish  grey beard which can then break apart and enter the water.
To exit DC Mode, **power off reset** [Start over]

Warranty terms:
30 Days:   Return for full refund for no reason at all. One year: Replace or repair, no charge unless damaged by abuse. Do unplug between uses, don’t turn upside when wet especially if left plugged in, don’t run generator with water level too high.  These are abuses that can cause the bottom to silver plate and cause malfunctions. Repairs will never exceed $20 to cover parts and return shipping...if it can be repaired.  Unused portion will be returned with repaired unit.

There are no use standards in existence for Colloidal Silver that make any sense at all, therefore, PPM is pretty much a moot point so long as it is ‘strong enough’.

It is generally judged to be ‘impossible’ to overuse at 20 PPM and under.
At under 20 PPM, the water is far more toxic than the silver that’s in it.  Most retail outlets sell Colloidal Silver at between 5 and 10 PPM.
The “actual” PPM is far less important than consistency between batches.

This is the best that I’ve ever heard it stated.

    Dosing is not a science. The key word is "enough."
 If you've used CS before, then you already know that you're not allergic to it, therefore you don't have to start with the few drops on the tongue that I suggest to new users, "just in case."
 Beyond that, it would be good if we knew what kind of CS you've got. If store-bought, which brand and what supposed strength?  If home made,what kind of generator and how brewed.
  The usual advice is to start small and ramp up the dose until you have the effect you want. This is measured by either the symptoms improving or by the symptoms worsening (temporarily) in a Herxheimer reaction.

  In general, flu-like symptoms and a general yucky feeling mark the Herxheimer reaction. In severe cases Herx reactions can be life threatening, particularly in people who are already weakened. If there
is a bad infection that is destroyed very rapidly by the treatment it can overwhelm the body, leading to a shock reaction that could require emergency treatment.
 Thus the caution to start small and ramp up until some effect is noted, then hold at that level until effects subside. When that happens, ramp up the dose further until effects resume, but remain manageable, and so
on. Keep at it a few days longer if all seems to be well, just to be sure...

 So what sort of dose might you want to work up to?

  First, I will *assume* an "average" CS brew of some 5 to 20 ppm in plain distilled water made with a simple generator.

 For a very aggressive treatment, some of our members have reported good `results taking a good mouthful (very precise measurement unit there!), swished around in your mouth for at least a couple of minutes before swallowing, taken every waking half hour to an hour.

 To start slowly, just to be cautious of any severe Herx, I would probably wait a couple of hours between "swallows" at first.

 One other thing is to consider adding Gatorade to the protocol. If you search the archives on that subject, you'll see that it is used to *drastically* increase the rate at which the CS enters the bloodstream.[note:  Mix CS with Gatoraid and use immediately…do not store it ]

 Lastly, I want to say that, if push comes to shove, going to the doctor for antibiotics is not out of the question. I doubt it will be needed, but if your self-treatment is not effective within a reasonable time,
the conventional alternative will serve as a safety net. Not without side effects, true, but safer than no treatment.

 You must judge the risks and only you are responsible for the consequences of your health-care decisions. Don't take my suggestions  as a substitute for your own judgement or that of your professional  advisors.      [Authors name with-held by request]

About  Meters

All hand held PWT/TDS/PPM meters work the same way. They actually measure conductivity not PPM. They are simply not the same thing.

TDS (PPM) meters such as the TDS3 also measure conductivity but then convert that measurement to an estimated PPM using water industry standard tables for dissolved salts. [NaCl in this case] (also known as Total Dissolved Solids or TDS)
Other dissolved mineral salts use a different formula.

Since Ionic/Colloidal Silver is not a highly soluble mineral salt, it behaves differently making TDS / PPM meters unreliable.
As for EC [conductivity] meters, while better, they will still not register suspended silver content at all, plus, the stronger you make a batch over 13 PPM, the more variance between suspended to dissolved silver ratios there will be.

 Unpredictable reactions between silver ions and high variances in water contaminants pretty much throw it all into the trash bin. [No two jugs of distilled water are the same except by accident ]

The warmer a sample is, the higher the conductivity goes with nothing to do with silver content.

Ionic/Colloidal Silver water is NOT salt water.

To get a “Vague Idea” of what the PPM is in CS, use 1uS [conductivity] = ~1 PPM .or 1PPM on a TDS/PPM meter =2 PPM silver

Concentrations over the saturation point of Ionic Silver in water [~ 13 PPM ] will progressively and variably form more and more non-conductive “particles” accounting for some of the differences between Faraday Equation Prediction vs Conductivity Monitoring.
 Beyond around 25 PPM in silver water, an unstable “supersaturated” solution,  a meter reading will have considerable slew towards the low side and a batch may never register more than 30 uS the day after it’s done even though it may really be 50+ PPM

 Does it matter ?
Visualize a thousand Texas Rangers hitting the badlands to mop up 50 bandits.
 Most of them will never even see a bandit…But if the bandits look around,, they will see a LOT of Texas Rangers with nowhere to hide.
 More than enough does the same thing as enough..

         Tactic that works for me for [IMO] PROFOUNDLY greater effectiveness:
** Do this only if addressing something profound and specific, not for daily or long term application
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda in about 1/2 cup water
Drink it down, wait a few minutes.
Follow that with "Silver Water" according to perceived need ....maybe a cup.
Repeat now and then.
What that does:
The Baking Soda converts stomach acid into salt and carbon dioxide gas [BURP ! ]
The resulting salt absorbs into the blood making it "thirsty" for more water to flush the excess salt out with.
Add "Silver Water" to satisfy the thirst....instant absorption and little or no stomach acid to make "Silver Chloride"
DO NOT put baking soda in the silver water before, during or after making it

To test for water contamination: [Using the generator ]

Fill container with fresh water to the proper level ..set everything up normally.
Start running the batch in " Programmed Manual" mode. [Press Programming Button one or more times so the YELLOW  LED lights up.  If the water is over 10 uS, the YELLOW  LED will start blinking ]
Observe how bright the GREEN/RED  LED is on top.
 Now sloowly pull the generator/electrode assembly out of the water while watching the LED.

If that LED ****DOESN'T**** start getting dimmer immediately...that water is no good.
If the LED starts dimming when the electrodes are nearly out of the's WAY no good.
If it doesn't dim at all before the electrodes clear the water and the LED goes out...that water is WAY WAY no good.
[Incidentally, the reverse works to tell you how far along you are.   The gen is seeing about 20uS if the LED is fully bright with the electrodes just touching the water ]

Get a different jug of water.
Make sure you aren't contaminating good water with water spots, dirty jar or even finger prints.
 There are many ways to contaminate water and no two jugs of water are exactly the same regardless of who distilled and bottled it. [Most of them are fine, but everybody has a bad day now and then]

Boiling Distilled water in a contaminated container will generally clean it up [ Nuke It ?]

 Electrodes can be cleaned by immersing them in 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for a just a few minutes.
Rinse with Distilled Water. [no real need to do that ]

Normally, store bought distilled water will range at around 5 uS but can be as pure as 0.2 uS

*******If the water is EXTREMELY pure*****
You may need a pitch dark room to see that the [GREEN/RED] LED is lit at all.

 If that is the case, it can take several hours more than usual for a batch to be done.

  The “Silver 9” will make CS in any water, but… results will vary.
                    [Well, “bad” CS is better than no CS ]

If you wish to leave the electrodes inserted in the generator, place it on its side with electrodes slanting down so any water does not run into the sockets.  Do NOT place the generator so the electrodes are pointing up.
 It is not good to store the generator left with power plugged in, especially on a damp jar