Mounting electrodes and fill jar



How to insert the Electrodes [ .9999 Fine Pure Silver 12 gauge wire x 7” ]
 Insert silver electrodes into sockets on the bottom of the generator till they seat and are held firmly in place with flat planes parallel, ends opposite.  
 Grasp the electrodes near the base to avoid  distorting them when removing or adjusting position

No need to ‘scrub’ them clean. [In fact, may contaminate them] Really, no need to clean them at all
Rubbing deposits off with a piece of cloth or paper towel is sufficient. [Really, no need to clean them at all]]
 If you have bent the electrodes to get them parallel, rotating them in the sockets 180 degrees will make them parallel again without re-bending them.


The WRONG way with Electrodes "Lined up" vs Parallel   [Generator will shut down FAST ]