Using PayPal for processing Credit Cards

While ordering, you will encounter these selections:

Selecting "PayPal" *includes* the use of credit cards as an option.

Selecting "Credit Card"  *EXCLUDES* the use of PayPal and your card  is processed exactly like using an ATM.


If you choose to use PayPal to process cards:

Some people have difficulty navigating PayPal with the notion that PayPal is ONLY available to people that have an account with them...or...DO have a PayPal acount but want to use a credit card and NOT their PayPal account.

This is step by step screenshot instructions: [Instructional Notes in RED]

Look for this:

On the “Review Order” page, press the “Submit Order” button to wind up at this page: [Do not log into your PayPal account]


Doing that takes you here:

Then Here: