Using the "Silver 9" to make Colloidal Copper

Using the "Silver 9" to make Colloidal Copper
Go to the hardware store and get a foot or so of #12 [12 gauge] copper house wire [aka ROMEX] [for older models that use Series 2 electrodes, get #10 might have to scrape the ends a touch thinner with a sharp knife ]
Copper wire for electrical applications is 99.9% pure by industry standards.
Make the electrodes about 6 to 7 inches long.
They don't have to be bent.
Insert them into the generators sockets.
Plug in the generator.
Wait 3 seconds and press the programming button for as many hours you want it to run.
I personally run a quart batch for around 24 hours.
Pinch the ends of the copper wires together to short the generator and trigger the program..the Yellow LED will start blinking. [each blink = 1 hour to go]
Place the generator with electrodes in distilled water and go away.
Copper is entirely different than silver.
It doesn't produce Ions, conductivity doesn't increase, therefore it will never have current "runaway"..meaning:  Current controls aren't being used and  the conductivity related "Auto Off" at 10 uS/PPM will not work.
Colloidal copper does not register on any meter making them TOTALLY useless.
Colloidal copper has no flavor or color.
The only way you can tell you made anything is with a laser pointer to view the Tyndall Effect [light beam] and that doesn't say much about  'how strong'
Do not mix silver and copper as copper will pull every trace of both out of the water and drop it to the bottom as a black fuzz.[and/or other weird things]

It  is also a good idea to use a jar other than your silver batch jar to make copper.
Be aware that, because both copper and silver use Selenium to control these metals levels, internal consumption of too much copper can be toxic and may alter your ability to eliminate silver.  Selenium supplementation may be advisable. [ But don't over do that as to much Selenium is quite toxic ]

Copper is often a component in skin cremes as it helps build collagen.