Australia/NZ and International shipping info


New Phone Number 984-270-1598  [ Any day, any time I hear it ring and can find the phone fast enough to answer it ]

Messaging not set up as, being hard of hearing, it usually all sounds like gibberish to me.  [ But then, lots of people speak it fluently these days, so sometimes it isn't just "me" ]

Email is always best, checked every morning before dawn. [ I can read a whole lot better than I can hear ]


Not responsible for lost, stolen or mis-delivered mail.  [ *Almost* never happens...but ]

PayPal seems to be working now


International Delivery:

Limit: 2 generators [or Large Items] per order.  That and maybe a bit more will fit into a Padded Flate Rate envelope. 

If you want more than two, It will take more than one order to get the shipping total right.

If you order more than will fit into the envelope [And I will really try hard to make it go] you will get an email with actual postage rates and possible alternatives.

CHECK THAT SPAM BOX  [ Some apps automatically send mail with ".com" straight to SPAM ]

All orders are sent via  United States Postal Service [ ]   PO Box addresses will do just fine and are probably safer....but sometimes they don't notify you that your package has arrived so pay attention to the tracking number. [ available on request if not automatically sent to you ]

USPS does not have it's own fleet of airplanes, it hitch hikes on commercial airlines and fills UPS and FEDEX empty space   [and costs 1/3rd what they charge.]

 How long that takes depends on how many flights take to the air.

"General Delivery" and "Hold For Pickup"  is possible in most areas  [Pick up at PO]

 EMS [Express mail ] boards any available airplane first and 'availability' is a real concern these days.

Priority Mail may or may not be any slower depending on space available.

To have order sent by 1st Class mail internationally: [the slowest/cheapest way ] Use the Priority Mail selection and note in "Order Comments" that you want it to go 1st Class.

The actual charges will be calculated and the difference refunded.

Unfortunately, 1st Class Mail to Australia/ New Zealand is only about $1 less than Priority Flat Rate, sorry, won't work for you.

Simplified rates:  [almost always less than actual ] for orders that will fit into a Padded Flat Rate Envelope [Generally up to Two generator kits]


Priority Mail International® Padded Flat Rate Envelope to Canada $30.00


Priority Mail International® Padded Flat Rate Envelope  to everywhere else  $45.00


It would appear that most countries are in dire financial straits these days and are desperate enough for funds to pick regular peoples pockets in the market square while calling it VAT or tariff  "to protect the local producers against competition" with zero understanding that, If it isn't made locally, you cannot buy it locally.... at any price.

Before ordering, it's best to find out if your country has suddenly started extorting cash out of you and didn't bother telling anyone that there will be a ransom to pay on your end. [ I have no way of knowing what it may be ]

[ It CAN add 15% to 100% to your total. ]