Introducing the “S9 Turbo” [Limited run]


This silver generator runs at 3 times the current over twice the electrode area than the standard model s9, making ‘Silver Water’  3 times faster

It is designed for ½ gallon jars, but can also be used in 1 gallon jars

Stops at 10 PPM if not programmed.

If you want stronger than 10 PPM, just push the button on the side to add to that 10 PPM.

 Each time you press the button it adds 3 PPM per button press to he 10 PPM in a ½ gallon jar.

…. or 1.5  PPM per button press in 1 gallon

For really fast 1 quart batches, obtain a tall cylindrical flower vase  about 3 3/8 inches diameter x 9 inches tall  [6 PPM per button press added ]
They can sometimes be found in Thrift Stores.
The electrodes are too long for a regular quart jar

Electrode spacer included *On Request*  for as long as supplies last.

"Jar Adapter" included [mounted with screws ]