Teflon Encased Magnetic Spin Bar [Will not work with a Thermal Stirrer] BOGO Sale


Inventory reduction By One / Get One Free sale...

This is what laboratories use with their Magnetic Stirrers.

Many people don't like Teflon, but it is about the most inert plastic known to man so long as temperature doesn't exceed around 500 degrees Fahrenheit

If you do not have a magnetic stirrer, this spin bar will be useless.

I am no longer selling or making Magnetic Stirrers.


Everything is made in China now [ie motors]
Quality control has gone out the window and I just can't get motors that will predictably last even after weeding out 40% of them as obviously defective.

I've redesigned for different motors 8 times now and each time the quality and consistency erodes over time leading to disappointed customers who have come to expect [and rightfully so] "Quality"
Even the thermal stirrers with the Desert Scene and mirror surface on them were suffering from many many rejects as, somehow, the casting resin quality went away even as the price of materials doubled [Thank You, Dupont] and severe warpage became more common than not.

In short, no way to tell if it will last with the odds getting progressively worse and [as I discovered] a stirrer was only **needed**  back when generator output was DC...becoming a 'wanted' item vs a 'needed' item.

It just came down to being unable to produce quality sufficient to satisfy a 'want' vs an ' *I* don't want to sell junk'... even if people will buy it.

Out of total frustration, I finally tried running batches with alternating polarity and no stirrer...surprise! 

I could find no difference in results at all.

You don't need a stirrer when using S.W.A.P.  [AC output]

DC Output?  A stirrer does WONDERS.