Aussie Thermal Convection Stirrer


Thermal Convection Stirrer as [Formerly] sold in Australia

[ Does not have magnets, does not use a spinner or spin bar.]

24 volts 6 watt heater/light

Power comes from the generators power supply and "Feeds Through" to the generator via an output cord.

At least 250+ milliamp power supply required.

That means, If you have a SilverPuppy generator, you do not need another power supply.   [unless it is under 250 the label ]

No power supply included.

For replacement bulbs look for:  Form Factor 6 / 6 watt Candelabra E12 base/ 24 volt

How does it work?

A bit of heat is applied the the bottom, warm rises to the top through the center, spreads out contacting the cooler sides and sinks down along the outside edge forming a torrid [doughnut] shaped stir pattern.

These stirrers do wonders for any DC output Silver Generator. ["Silver 3" or "Silver 5" ..Home Made Generators and most other brand gennies]