Colloidal Silver Gel Cream Extra strength 1000 ppm, BIG 8.8oz



Colloidal Silver Gel Cream Extra strength 1000 ppm Made In Australia by Silver well

Used in Australia for Psoriasis-Eczema-Shingles-Burns-Bug Bites and many other things.

Silver Well 1000 ppm Extra Strength Colloidal Silver Gel is now available in the USA

The strongest Colloidal Silver Gel available in Australia.
Maybe the strongest colloidal silver gel in the world!

Australian/NZ customers:   Since this is made in Australia, probably best bought in Australia  [Silverwells price including shipping is currently $37.14 USD]

(Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration Listing Number: Aust L 318342) [Not disapproved by the FDA ]
Most colloidal silver gel offered on the net is probably only 20 or 30 ppm. That's barely stronger than the silver water you would make to drink.

We believe that for external use, and to really benefit from the proven antibacterial properties of silver, you need something much stronger. But few people know how to make it or measure it. (You cannot use a meter to measure strong colloidal silver).

The only way to accurately determine the silver content is by using Faradays Law of Electrolysis. That's how WE do it.

Silver Well Colloidal Silver Gel is 1000 ppm... Guaranteed! It's a rich grey color, not as clear as water like some weak colloidal silver gels. The dark color is entirely due to the high silver content, not because of other 'filler ingredients' such as Xanthan Gum or Aloe Vera. With Silverwell Gel you get what you pay for... the strongest colloidal silver gel available!

Try it for relief from the symptoms of mild psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, medically diagnosed shingles, heat rash, burns, fungal infections, allergies, cuts, bites, scratches, itches and more*.

It's cool, soothing, totally non-greasy, and absorbs and dries quickly.

In a big [8.8 oz ]250 gram (250ml) pot so its great value too!

Faradays Law of Electrolysis...
m (ppm) is the mass of the substance liberated at an electrode in grams
Q is the total electric charge passed through the substance in coulombs
F = 96485 C mol-1 is the Faraday Constant.
M is the molar mass of the substance in grams per mol.
z is the valency number of ions of the substance (electrons transferred per ion)

Shipped with USPS First Class Package.


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"My father has a skin issue and so far this is the only product that helps him. I have just ordered another jar for him before he goes on holiday."

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" I used your gel for a few weeks, then stopped because I thought it wasn't doing anything. But then a month later I realised the backs of my hands are smooth again. I'm amazed".

" It's an amazing concoction".