Battery Adapter


Yes, That's right. It's a plug, some wire and two alligator clips. You could probably make it, but would you for $7?

What it does...
The power adapter allows you to plug in power from nearly any alternative source including three 9v batteries snapped together to get 27 volts [A VERY expensive way to do it], 1 or 2 car or motorcycle batteries in series, solar cells and even your cordless drill battery. In fact, any source from 12 to 36 volts, AC or DC will do and the Colloidal Silver comes out the same.

If it will run at all, it will run right.

Most 12 volt solar panels output 18 volts.

Lower voltages take a little bit longer, but if it runs at does it right.
You cannot hook it up backwards. All polarity issues are sorted out by the Generators internal circuitry.

Makes the use of battery packs, oddball transformers, cordless tool battery chargers and batteries, solar panels and so on, easily connectable.Will run any Puppy Generator and the DC Magnetic Stirrer [but not a 120 volt Thermal Stirrer or a 120 volt AC Magnetic Stirrer]

Note: The DC magnetic stirrer must run counter clockwise or the magnet disk might unscrew itself, so  "Center Positive" is the correct polarity.