The Colloidal Silver Online Community

The "Silverlist" has been a leader in community participation for probably around 20 years.

Members include; do-it-yourselfers, MDs, chemists and various scientists, health practitioners and regular folx from all over the world like you and I.

This is not "MY" blog and I have zero control over what gets posted there.

 Copied from their Home Page:

Our Mission

The is an e-mail discussion group for people interested in Colloidal Silver and closely related alternative health subjects. If you would like to join our community you should understand and accept the values that define our mission:

  • We are here to welcome both newcomers and experienced users who want to learn about Colloidal Silver. We will share the most fair, unbiased, and good quality information we can, freely, without regard to ego or self interest.

  • We will support and encourage each other, share the results of our experience, experiments, studies, and inspirations with CS, and act to maintain a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that nurtures a sense of community.

  • We will identify and counter the hype, myths and propaganda that surround the subject of Colloidal Silver.

  • We will study the art and science of Colloidal Silver production, testing, and use, so newcomers and experienced members alike will have the widest possible range of choices with reasonable certainty of success and minimum cost.