14" Replacement Electrodes for "Turbo"


14" Replacement Electrodes for "Turbo"

Series 3 electrodes [no brass adapter needed] are made to fit "Limited Run Turbo" and the "Silvonic Turbo" [Both in translucent Blue cases]

The old Series 2 [electrodes] "Turbo" was discontinued several years ago and replacement electrodes are now custom made on demand. [ Also fits the old Silvonic "Oreo Cookie" looking Gallon Generator that requires two sets of two, or 4 electrodes ]

If you want the old adapted "Series 2" Turbo electrodes, state "Series 2" [as shown in the photo] in Order Comments when checking out

They look exactly like the 7 inch electrodes, only twice as long.

Using longer electrodes in the Standard Models ["Silver 3,5,7 and 9"] will NOT make them produce Silver Water any faster and will upset " Auto Off" calibration.

Priced per pair 

Electrodes can be shipped Internationally via 1st Class mail for less [ roughly 1/2 price ] but I won't know how much less till I get the label made out.

If you want them sent 1st Class, pay what the cart charges and Type "Send 1st Class" in Order Comments...I will refund the difference.