"Series 3" Current Model looped silver electrodes for "Silver 9" generator from 1/1/2015 on and "PocketPuppy"


Over the past 19 years electrode configuration has evolved.

"Series" indicates what sort of electrodes your silverpuppy generator uses.

"Series 3":  12 gauge wire, 7" total length, bent into U shape, no brass ferrule.  [Also fits "PocketPuppy" remote electrode holder]

AS of 1/1/2015 the "Silver 9" generator was modified to use these "Series 3" electrodes, only not "spring loaded" [Just a matter of how much they are bent] in order to make it easier for you to make your own electrodes from any 12 gauge silver wire you may have.

The "PocketPuppy" was discontinued a while back.

Parts are still available on request.

If using these for "PocketPuppy" grasp the electrode near the bend and pull apart to spread the ends a little so they will be 'spring loaded' to stay in the remote electrode holder.

.9999 Fine Solid Silver, priced per pair.